Messi who ???

3 Ballon d’Ors , 3 times FIFA player of the year and 3 times FIFA young player of the year award by the time he’s 21 are sure to make a mark on his resume if he is being judged to be the greatest footballer EVER and hardly anybody denying the fact, I decided to take a closer look at the career of Lionel Messi.  messi

      It shouldn’t take a while to realize that Messi has never ever played for any professional club other than Barcelona in his entire playing career and he’s not seen the different leagues and the various styles they adopt in playing. Some may like to point out that he’s played the UCL , I shall get to that later too , but lets take a look at the la liga. Apart from a couple of really good teams the gap between the levels of the best and the worst teams in that league is far too much. Barcelona and Real Madrid hardly get upset by the other teams, and the other leagues are so unpredictable with the quite a few teams battling it out to qualify for the European competitions. So basically , La Liga sucks. That means Messi is down 1-0 already on my view.

      Next up is the team he is playing for- it’s barca for christ’s sake ! they have playmakers who basically spoon feed strikers and sometimes shove it down their throats. His record for his country shows he’s not pulling up any trees even with the great Maradona centering his focus around him. The sharp contrast in the stats between his club and country careers must prove my point. Neymar for example is a tremendous talent and plays fantastically for Santos which isn’t  really a football superpower like barca. Cesc Fabregas already known for his capabilities with his former club arsenal took his game to the next level while playing for barca and has proved his worth against different teams in different leagues. so Messi nil others 2.

        So he’s won all the big awards , big fuckin deal. So you think he’s young and still has a long way to go ??? Pele won the world cup and scored twice in the world cup final when he was 17 !!! Messi is nowhere near the likes of Pele or his own former national team coach, Maradona or the likes of Cryuff and Beckenbauer. Messi would have to prove himself with his national team as well to convince me that he’s one among the greatest, which should be pretty easy cos he has a good team with talented players and everyone centered around him but yet he fails.




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