haywire review

Haywire is Steven Soderbergh’s attempt at making his own version of Tarantino’s Kill Bill but he didn’t quite put his heart into it. The movie is basically a prolonged awesomely choreographed action sequence with a few dialogues thrown in to make it seem more movie like. An overdose of star in its cast shouldn’t fool you as they hardly have any part to play. You will see nothing but Gina Carano kicking ass but unlike Angelina Jolie in tomb raider I kinda think she looks like a transvestite who knows how to fight.

Michael Douglas probably did this movie for the money for his cancer treatment cos his role had no substance at all ! Antonia Banderas had a lil more screen time but he didn’t really turn convince me as the rogue agent he was supposed to be. Ewan McGregor did a good job as Gina Carano’s boss but Michael Angarano was probably in the movie only cos he had a Lancer Evo. Michael Fassbender was the only guy doing justice to his role as an MI6 agent.

Overall Don’t expect anything great from the movie except some really realistic fights and the star cast is just to lure you people. It isn’t a bad movie for action buffs but I suggest waiting for the DVD to watch it.



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