Nippu – Movie Review


Before every thing, first we need stop using THAT many scopios,qualises and sumos or any other SUVs in our films ! i mean, hero walks fearlessly and in background you see some suvs and goons flying around….it’s just an insult to the people it’s supposed to represent ! 

Now coming to our movie..can some one tell me what the fuck director ment to say in “mass maharaja IN AND AS Nippu” ? and unfortunately, that was the first thing that came on screen after opening credits. From start to end you wont find a scene that makes sense. There is chase scene a bit before the interval where hero manages him self to get on top of a truck and then he hops on to another truck infront of it and that continues for another 7 trucks or so.

can’t believe that the man who made Manoharam,Okkadu and Chudalani vundi can also make movie like Varudu and now Nippu. But this movie is very close Y.V.S standards of stupidity ! Thaman summed up some worst,annoying and rhythm-less junk. 

Ravi Teja comes up with his usual performance but some where in between you will feel he is making mockery of himself . Deeksha seth looked good and don’t expect any thing else from her.Rajendra Prasad is the only one who has managed to keep his end respectable..

One of those films which stuns you with it’s stunts and stupidity then later numbs you with its music  by the end. Years later, you won’t even remember watching it. And what less can you get when Y.V.S, Guna Shekar and Thaman unite !?

MY Rating  – 0.5/5


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