Movie Review – Kahaani


Vidya Balan bangs hard on your buck yet again. As heard, she is indeed India’s answer to Meryl Streep….and she just makes sure that Kahaani directly gets into your nerves. 

Kahaani starts off as a pregnant woman’s search for her missing husband but only till Milan Damji’s name comes into the picture…and then it’s all thrills,twists and turns. 

Director Sujoy Ghosh makes sure he won’t loose the plot any where. He made the movie compact,Intense and leaves you no clue till the climax. Editing was extra-ordinary…cinematography was top notch.Calcutta was beautifully exploited.

Vidya Balan gave a another riveting performance…she just puts so much charm in her character and with mostly unknown actors she juts pull off the movie single handedly. Parambrata Chatterjee who play the local cop was damn good. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was crackling. he was just like a small dynamite. 

Kahaani is not perfect…but those performances and tight screenplay won’t make you bother about them too much. Go watch kahaani right away…There is not even a bit chance that you will be disappointed.

MY Rating  – 3.5/5



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