Movie Review – Mr.Nookayya


Mr.Nokkayya is journey of a thief (Manchu Manoj) and a bank manager (Kriti Kharbanda) who is try trying to save her kidnapped husband (Raja).

well, First one hour of the first half of the movie is very loud and clumsy and then the movie stars to becomes little neat with some needed interval twists. Second half starts off really well and goes smoothly till the climax. There are some really good laugh-out-loud scenes. The scene following “no money no honey” song is high point of the movie. 

Manoj gave out what all he had in him..good dialogue delivery and superb comedy timing. Heard he himself choreographed the stunts. they were fine but seemed highly inspired by Guy Ritchie’s stuff. Kriti Kharbanda looked good in the movie but she needs to improve her acting skills. Sana Khan was apt. 

Director Ani made the movie look too gaudy in the first half but then the road journey episodes in the second half were handled really well. Yuvan’s music kept the movie alive. “okkeokka jeevitham” needs a mention. Good effort by DOP. 

Mr.Nookayya is decent and different film if you can excuse first half an hour and som B-Grade comedy scenes.It does has its moments. Watch it if you have nothing else to do. 

MY Rating – 3/5


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