Movie Review : This means war


If you’re thinking “Man not another chick flick with action to draw the guys in” or “Woah ! Action movie with a hot chick !” You are WRONG ! It’s a lil bit of everything but most importantly the bromance between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon romancing dating both of them , like it already right ???

You’d expect a blockbuster with a cast like this and I can say its pretty close to being that. It’s funny , mushy and has action packed sequences even though there aren’t many. Performance wise Reese witherspoon does the best job dating two guys who go all out to appease her , Chelsea Handler does a great job as Reese’s friend who’s always there to fuck you up and give relationship advice and is quite funny but the real deal is the chemistry between Pine and Hardy who are amazing and hilarious with their own batch of agents doing recon and sabotaging each other’s dates.

Well , I can’t find anything in the movie to bitch about cos it covers all the bases and makes a completely enjoyable movie for guys and gals alike. So get your asses out , don’t give a fuck about what the critics say and watch this movie and you’ll know what jackass critics really are.


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