movie review : Racha


Movie is yet another masterpiece from the “mega power star” after he delivered blockbusters like chirutha and orange. The movie starts off in a village backdrop.the young Cherry and Ammu are childhood buddies who like to chill out together.then a fire accident occurs in the village when Cherry has gone away to get flowers for his darling.on returning he finds some dollar which Ammu was wearing but no signs of his girl.He assumes she is dead(But she obviously survives and grows up to be the heroine).He then takes the dollar which is supposed to be saving his ass whenever he is in trouble.

The comes the best part of the movie:the hero’s intro.Well you definitely need lot of guts to watch this kakoscopic scene.Venu Madhav starts this long dialogue praising Cherry(which is also a satire on Mahesh Babu)and then Betting Raj(Cherry)jumps from one train onto another,both the trains moving in opposite directions!!then there is this drag race.As though this scene wasn’t enough,immediately following this scene is the song’ He is the Mr.thees Mar Khan Racha’.we then have obvious scenes which follow like the hero belongs to a poor family,his dad is a drunkard and his financial problems.Here starts the actual story.His drunkard dad has a liver problem and he needs 20 lakhs for liver transplant.Just when he is wondering about the course of action,Cherry meets this guy who invites him to a bet which is flattering Bellary’s daughter.Couldn’t he get a better name like New York,Amsterdam or something??Why bellary after all??So cherry sets to woo Tamanna and resorts to all sorts of tricks to do so.She asks him to perform 3 tasks in order to get flattered and Cherry does them.In this process we hear pathetic dialogues like ‘I am Balupu s/o Gelupu’ There is this spectacular scene in which Cherry gets down from the bike,accelerates it and leaves it off.That bike goes and hits the baddies.Then obviously we have an interval twist.What follows in the 2nd half is some boring scenes followed by a flash back and a bamboo fight which isn’t all that bad and also how could the direector not satisfy Tamanna’s waterfall fetish ? Then we have a climax scene in which Cherry Babu uses a weapon made by the villagers to fight the villains.There are some super comedy dialogues like ‘Charitra rayadaniki vayasu tho pani ledhu’, ‘Yedho choosukuni thoda kottamu’(looks like he has forgotten what his dad had done in the election campaign)and’Maa abba gurinchi matladithe evadi abba undadu’.All three dialogues supposed to be satires on Nandamuri family.Cherry chill dude,you don’t have to take the rivalry too personally.

The lyricist however needs special appreciation for delivering such horrible lyrics for the songs.The title track,’Dillaku dilla’,’Tamanna U R my tamanna’and “Cherry’ being awful.Cherry’s action was below average.The director has improved a bit compared to his previous venture.The comedy track turned out to be really tragic.Ravi Babu’s PJ timing was excellent.The only saving grace for the movie was Mani sharma’s music.

Please do watch the movie if you are thinking of ways to commit suicide.No one is even going to get a doubt about how you died.However it has been successful in delivering unintentional comedy.However with this movie Cherry has been successful in establishing himself as a comedy hero(an alternative for Allari Naresh).But he definitely didn’t need one and a half years to make this! He imitated his dad in every frame showing his mimicry skills, his mimicry skills could’ve earned him the Zanjeer remake so that he can imitate big B as well. anyway if you sat through the movie and survived it,I congratulate you guys!!!


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