Movie Review – Vicky Donor


John Abraham might have been on a bad roll with respect to his acting career but almost made dream debut as producer.  This movie, Vicky Donor… might just change the odds of  making a rom-com in indian cinema ! crackling stuff.

Now, Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), is a Doc. who runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Delhi. Though he has lots of cases in his hand, he doesn’t have healthy donor to take some advantage of the situation. Later on, he finds Vicky Arora (Ayushman Khurrana) who can possibly solve his problem. Just when things are going good for Baldev… Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy (yami Gautham) and then goes the story. 

Ayushman was just effortless ! he just made thing look so easy and he was never annoying like most of the other Mtv hosts.  He is here to stay !. Yami Gautham was an eye candy. even her act was pretty damn good. Best Debut award ? well, may be. oh ya ! she was HOT too.  Both Ayushman and Yami shared some superb chemistry. Keeping all aside, For me Annu Kapoor was the REAL hearo,heart and soul of the film. He was just magical. And not just him, every other person on screen was absolutely charming…like Ayushman’s mom and granny. Yami’s dad…every one !

Shoojit Sircar ,the director…is an absolute talent to watch out for. He was just utterly convincing. Music was a delight ! “pani da rang” was out of the world. Cinematography was neat.

All in all,  Vicky Donor is a romantic comedy with charming characters and a surprising amount of heart. The first half of the film makes you laugh till it hurts.This is your best bet for this weekend…book your tickets right away !


                                                        MY RATING – 3.5 / 5


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