Our Five Favourite Telugu Films !!

The following list was done considering the movies which released since Jan 1 2000, just to reduce the complications and clashes with some Black & White Cults and Some of those gems released during 1970’s 80’s and 90’s that we wouldn’t have watched for various reasons. 

So, here goes our 5 Favourite telugu movies ! ( in that order )




We did have a long struggle on what choose between Nuvvu naaku nachav, Manmadhudu and Malliswari. All three were directed by Vijaya Bhaskar and written by Trivikram Srinivas. One and only reason to select malliswari was its unique plot. 

Venky was at his usual best. His comic timing is just terrific. All his scenes between Brahmanandam and Kota are my favourite. Katrina was just perfect for her role and it is her best character yet. Well, all the remaining magic was done by Trivikram.





Like every one of you even our favourite Pawan Kalyan’s film is undoubtedly Kushi !! keeping Nagarjuna aside we can clearly say that only hero who came out of “naa fans ki nachadhu” stuff and tried various types of characters and stories is Pawan Kalyan. 

Kushi showcases not only a subtle love story but also the macho image of Pavan Kalyan. All thanks to S.J.Surya. Bhumika was cute. The Scene where Kalyan and Ali drink, sing and dance is such a fun to watch even now. Mani Sharma’s music is still amongst his best work and every song was visually stunning. What can we speak about P.C.Sreeram ?! He is a Legend.





And we are entering in to top 3. When telugu cinema was almost overshadowed with typical commercial masala cinema, there came a movie with a run time of 180 mins., no star director, almost unknown cast and how ? Anand is one of the most important telugu films.

Lets give all the credit to Sekhar Kammula. lets thank him for all the freshness. lets thank him for those beautiful dialogues. and more than any thing lets thank him for “Roopa” !!.. Mr.Kammula, you are our Mani Ratnam. Music by K.M.Radha Krishnan took movie to the next level. Every song is pleasure to ears. 





A Classic. Watched the movie, came out of the theater around 1:00 pm. blazing sun. Here, Instead of taking an auto i started walking to my house thinking about the movie. 

I totally loved each and every actor and the character they played in the film. From Posani to Arjun. M.M.Keeravani’s music was just mind-blowing. Song “malli puttani” dint leave my mind for months.

Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi a.k.a krish is one of the most exciting voices in telugu cinema today. His dialogues are still famous among people. one of my favourites is “…manishi nakili dabbu ni thayaaru chesthe…Dabbu nakili manushulni thayaaru chesthundhi.”





This Film is E-P-I-C in many ways !! 

Direction : Epic

Mahesh Babu : Epic 

Nassar : Epic

BGM : Epic

Dialogues : Epic of Epics 

Cinematography : Epic 

only bit which was quite a letdown was songs. But nevertheless, I watched this movie a million time and can watch it for another million times. Trivikram Srinivas, Take a bow !!




6 responses to “Our Five Favourite Telugu Films !!

  1. I think “Ashta Chamma” deserve to be in this list and malliswari needs to go out. that is just my opinion.

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