The worst 5 telugu movies in recent times

This is probably the toughest thing to write about as well as the most fun thing. Reminiscing about these movies did give us a few nightmares but we put all those behind to put together this list. Its extremely hard to make a list with so many possible contenders so we narrowed it down to the last 3 years cos these are still fresh in our minds. Some of the people who read this before we posted it suggested we issue this warning


5) Shakthi

Trying to replicate success just cos you have money leads to lots of disasters , one such casualty is Shakthi. Egyptians in an indian movie. apart from the minor loopholes that include Egyptians riding to India on horses and cars turning to pulp by crashing into the baddie(who obviously gets away unscathed) , the movie is kinda bearable when you watch it on tv with the ads though it may seem that ads are more interesting during that period. Ends up on 5th place on our list.

Unfortunately , couldn’t find the hilariously awesome scenes on the internet so here is the HD trailer instead. 

4) Badrinath

This movie is exactly what I remember everyday in the loo. Allu Arjun with the hair is terrifying. And to think of it he actually put in so much effort to get that hair on(its fake). Dude ? why take all that trouble to scare us ?  Just show us your brother instead. He’s basically a clown with his hilarious lines. One particular scene deserves special mention- He fights terrorists in a conan-ish costume, which kinda looks like it was stolen from the sets of a gay porno, and he blocks bullets fired by the terrorists with his sword. I was half expecting him to catch it with his bare hands too.

If you survived that lets move on to the next.

3) Racha

We love this movie, it’s a textbook on what not to do for aspiring film makers. So informative. The origin of the name ( RAm + CHAran = RACHA) is mindblowing !!! Ram Charan too isn’t far off his cousin Allu Arjun, he blocks knives thrown at him by his enemies using a bamboo stick which is ripped off from “house of flying daggers(can’t even make a fool of himself genuinely) , delivers powerFAIL dialogues ( wtf is “aadmi kum ,risk zyaada “ ? Is he implying he’s short ?)  and the villain is called Bellary. Enough said.

Still alive ? well done , almost there.

2) Nippu

I’m lost for words, I can’t do this. Read our previous post. 


Brave of you to keep going so here is the last one.

1) Varudu

I’m cringing while I’m writing this. That’s how bad it is. Varudu is now usually synonymous with other swear words like tusshar Kapoor and Chunky Pandey. The whole concept deserves a standing ovation and the producer deserves a bravery award. I even had a seizure during the movie. Promise. When I thought Arya as some psychopath shouting “KHOOSHMANDA” was going to be the highlight of the movie the director decided to prove me wrong by making this the ending

and embarrassing the Indian film makers by ripping off the last fight from X-men origins:wolverine. From what I’ve heard the hollywood guys are too embarrassed to even sue the makers of this movie.


Congratulations ! You can now live through anything !!!!

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  1. Bro, I strongly suggest to change the colors on this post. It is hard to read. change it to something more pleasant.

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