Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man


Yes, he gets bullied by his mates. Yes, he gets bitten a spider. Yes, then he shows off his powers. Yes, His uncle gets shot. Yes, we know all these. But, its the base of the whole freakin comic book !!!  Let me remind you, it a re-boot, not a sequel.

Parents disappear, Uncle Ben is shot dead, Find out who his dad is, handling a relationship and in between all these Dr. Curt Connors turn hims self into a giant freaky Lizard in the process of getting his limb back. Now, Peter/Spiderman decides to fight against the Lizard as he feels that he is responsible for the present situation by giving  the equation to Dr. Curt which was apparently found by his dad which eventually creates the lizard.

Andrew Garfield totally nailed it as Peter Parker. He was spot on. His terrific screen presence, loads of charm and Confident performance definitely overshadowed Tobey Maguire(bleh!) by every bit. Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy and she was cute, funny and Jaw droppingly charming. Both the leads shared a crackling chemistry. Dr Curt Connors/The Lizard played by Rhys Ifans was done justice so were all the other characters.

Superheroes too live normal lives like us and Webb got that right. Characters were developed properly. Fans of 500 Days of Summer will not disappointed with the new spidey movie as Webb stays with strength. The romantic track was adorable and delicate. Even Action Episodes were brilliantly choreographed and shot. Last 45 mins is just a treat to all spidey fans. Movie had extra-ordinary cinematography, Brilliant BGM and decent 3D work. I bet, you wont even find a single scene which is random or unrelated.

Movie is filled with memorable moments. Weather it is the scene where Peter discovers his power in the subway train or hilarious confrontation on the basketball court or the long swinging sequence with the help of cranes in the climax. But, personally my favourite scene is the one in which Peter reveals his secrete and love to Gwen at the same time. Watching that scene was pure pleasure.

So, Yet another generation will carry the Spiderman lunchboxes and pencil boxes. The new spidey re-boot is nothing less than a fanboy’s dream. Do we have the new movie of the year ?? answer is yes(subject to change). Do not miss it !


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