Movie Review : The Dark Knight Rises

NOTE : If you’re watching The Dark Knight in anticipation for this movie – DON’T DO IT !!!

It is here. The finale of the Nolan-batman bromance. Nolan through this movie has shown that nobody, not even himself, can outdo The Dark Knight and the Joker(R.I.P Heath Ledger). While it is best enjoyed by not comparing even the slightest aspect to its predecessor you do end up comparing it and it only makes The Dark Knight a much better film.


There is no need to talk about the actors or how they fared in the movie. They are some of the finest in the business and no objection can be raised about that. Nolan does a tremendous job by balancing all of them with poise. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s stellar performance was easily cancelled out by a rather irregular and very out of turn Anne Hathaway as catwoman. Michael Caine takes his usual gentlemanly jibes at Bruce Wayne but misses out of a larger part of the movie. Hardy does well as Bane, trust me when I say this, his face may me partially covered but his does the emoting. I’m not qualified enough to speak about Morgan Freeman. Ignore Marian Cotillard at your own peril.

The background score is the same as the one in the trailer that we have all seen a million times played on loop throughout the whole movie, but its not such a bad thing, keeps the mood. The story turns and twists but not too much to get you dizzy. The spark that should’ve existed between batman and catwoman didn’t exist but it is lost in the bigger picture. Wayne’s soul searching before the climax hits you where it should and makes quite a bit of sense. Nolan goes all out in the end and throws away goodies in the last ten minutes and it surprisingly wipes away all the negative thoughts you had till then. However, Nolan does not tie up all loose ends and teases you with the possibility of the batman legacy continuing.

To sum it up, the movie doesn’t really leave you to find fault with anything but it doesn’t make it as the best of the trilogy either. Nolan’s set the bar too high for himself and he only just fails. This is about as far as I can go without spoilers. Watch it like you’ve never seen The Dark Knight and you will not be disappointed.

RATING – 3.5/5

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