Review – Special 26.

Special 26 - Front

Still remember the day i watched “A Wednesday” and was totally blown by it !… Neeraj Pandey seemed like a real promise but still… it was just his first film. I was eagerly anticipating his next project and nursed fears on how he would handle it ………..Then he comes back after four and half years with this gem called “Special 26” and How !!

My dream of watching a good, tight and intelligent desi Heist film is fulfilled and Thank you Neeraj. Special 26 has you attention from the very first second where “Based on True Incidents” card hits the screen. Along with the heist, the subtle humor sprinkled along the movie with out deviating from the main plot will charm you.

Outstanding performance from everyone as well. Akshay Kumar was totally effortless and he has to be given the credit mainly for giving way for other main charters in the film to come out and develop. Manoj Bajpai was as usually brilliant as a CBI Officer (Asli wali). Jimmy Shergill was good and composed. But the man who totally stole the show was bollywood’s latest entrant to Hollywood, Anupum Kher. His expressions, Body language, dialogue delivery, timing, every fucking thing was total top notch. He bangs on your buck real hard.

The movie takes you back to the India of the 80’s which was recreated with painstaking detail. A treat for the eyes. Great Art direction and Cinematography. Background score was apt and gave the movie the right tempo.

On the flip side, the movie drags in the early second half and the romantic track between Akshay and Kajal was very ordinary and yawn inducing. But all in all the Special 26 is a film which cannot be missed. This is pure Entertainment with so much charm and smartness. Mr. Neeraj Pandey, you just proved that “Asli power dimag me hoti he !”

Our Rating – 3.5/5

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