And the Academy Award goes to….

With less than 24 hours to Oscars here is our list of “Who Should win it” and “Who would win it”

1. Best Picture

The most coveted award of the night. Almost equivalent to all the other awards combined. This is the award that counts.

Who should win it – Argo. Hands down.

Who would win it – Lincoln

2. Best Director

Who should win it – Ben Affleck. oh ! Sorry. Then Katheryn Bigelow maybe ? Shit, not again.  Then Ang Lee it is.

Who Would win it – Steven Spielberg

3. Best Actor

Who should win it – Denzel Washington. Ok. We Know. But still, We loved him in Flight.

Who would win it – You all know it. *Say “who” one more time ! I dare you ! I double dare you !*

4. Best Actress

Who should win it – Jessica Chastain

Who would win it – Jessica Chastain.

Yes. Finally something we both will agree with. 😛

5. Best Supporting Actor

Who should win it – Christoph Waltz. I know you all want want want Hoffman to take it but Waltz was…. \m/

Who would win it – It may as will be Christoph Waltz here too. But some part of our hearts say that Tommy Lee might just nick it. any ways Final word – Christoph Waltz.

6. Best Supporting Actress

Who should win it – Anne Hathaway

Who would win it – Anne Hathaway

P.S. Honestly, we couldn’t get ourselves to watch this movie but she won most of the awards and she’s cute so we’ll just give it to her.

7. Best Writing – Original Screenplay

Who should win it – Django Unchained. When it is about writing, it’s got to be Tarantino.

Who would win it – Zero Dark…. no. no. I think it’s going to be Django. Yes. It will be – Django Unchained.

8. Best Writing – Adopted Screenplay

Who should win it – Argo.

Who would win it – Argo.

There is nothing to discuss here.

8. Best Animated Feature

Who Should Win it – Wreck-It Ralph.

Who Would win it – Brave.

9. Best Cinematography

Who should win it – Skyfall. Oh My God. Every frame of the film defined what those sliver screens are meant for. Gorgeous stuff.

Who would win it – Skyfall. MUST WIN.

10. Best Film Editing

Who should win it – It will be Argo. It should be Argo. It has to be Argo.

Who would win it – It must be Argo.

11. Best Visual Effects

Who should win it – Life of Pi. Watching it on IMAX was pure movie orgasm. And Richard Parker was so good that he made our Bhai a fool. 😛

Who would win it – Life of Pi.

On another note, We wish and Hope Bombay Jayashree gets it for her brilliant Pi’s Lullaby from Life of Pi under Original Song Category.(Haven’t paid attention to the rest of the nominations, except skyfall)

Please leave your insights in the comments section.

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