Our Top 10 Movies of 2013

This list is based on the DVD releases and theatrical releases in India. Here we go…

10. The Conjuring.


Never a horror movie fan, but i had a ball watching The Conjuring. This movies scares the living crap out of you. Director smartly used multiple ghosts in the story and then blending the “hide and clap” in the screenplay was the masterstroke. Movie was supported well by its strong cast, especially the super awesome Vera Farmiga. James Wan is the horror master. As much as we are excited for his next Fast & Furious movie, we also want him to get back to horror ASAP.

9. The World’s End. 


This third and final film in the Edgar Wright Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy is just as much fun as it’s predecessors or may be more. Personally, my favourite amongst the three. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were absolutely fantastic and that crackling chemistry between them gave movie the extra punch. The first action episode, that happens in the bar’s restroom is easily one of the best scenes this this year. Edgar’s The World’s End is funny and heartfelt in equal measures.

P.S: All you beer lovers out there, you really don’t want to miss this one.

8. Despicable Me 2


Minions FTW. This charming sequel has more fun, more jokes, more minions than the original and some eye-popping visuals. Surprising 3D worked on many levels. Movie also had one of the best end credits ever. And isn’t it awesome when movie you loved made loads of money at box-office ? Despicable Me 2 made a mind-boggling $920 Million. 2nd Highest Grosser of 2013.

7.Iron Man 3


Marvel is moving strength to strength. Iron Man 3 was unlimited fun. A perfect Blockbuster with tons of Blockbuster moments, Flight scene being the best. Ben Kingsley was a sweet surprise. What a way to end the trilogy. Robert Downey Jr. has set the benchmark that no one can ever reach. He is the ONLY iron Man. He is the ONLY Tony Stark. No one should ever dare to touch that role except him. Iron Man 3 is only movie to cross the magical $1 Billion mark in 2013.

6. Prisoners. 


I was little late, but then i finally watched Incendies earlier this year and my mind was blown into bits and pieces. From then i was dying to watch Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners. Prisoners was moody, long, involving and it slowly moved forward by establishing the characters, their pain, pressure and ends with a twist that you won’t see coming. Can a suspense thriller get any better ? Movie was supported well by its terrific cast, Especially Jake Gyllenhaal. He totally nailed it during the climax.

5. Pacific Rim. 


Del Toro’s first mainstream blockbuster Pacific Rim is an absolute guilty pleasure. Movie helps you to maintain the big fat grin on your face all along the movie. I mean, who doesn’t love huge robot dragging a ship in the streets of HongKong and then whooping a giant monster with it ? Movie had some amazing background score. Was bit disappointed with it’s opening in U.S but very happy that it made gloriously well at international markets. Mr. Del Toto, Please make that sequal. We are waiting !

4. Rush


This true tale of rivalry has become my instant all time favourite. I mean, I was totally gone crazy by the time i walked out of the theater. Ron Howard does just does what he is great at, telling a good story with straightforward screenplay and amazing characters. This movie has some has fantastic moments coming in at regular intervals and then the final Japan grand Prix at climax will knock you out. Hans Zimmer’s mindblowing score made those brilliantly shot races even more special. Both our leads Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth lived in their roles of Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Gave Performances of their life time. Movie continuously challenges you, I mean, you just don’t know who to support. But, I had my clarity, James Hunt is my new role model.

3. Before Midnight


Another trilogy comes to an end here… which loved, enjoyed and cared from past 18 years. Unlike Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Before Midnight plays it bit more seriously, dealing with post marriage problems. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy wrote the screenplay and just lived in their roles. You never see those actors there, you just see characters. Just like previous two films, the conversations between our leads are kept so real and honest that you just don’t want to miss even a word. Richard Linklater’s direction is absolutely spot on. Before Trilogy goes down as one of the greatest trilogies ever made.

2. The Spectacular Now 


Got glowing reviews, Got an entry into Sundance, but Frankly, I started to watch this film for only for Shailene Woodley. After 20 mins. into the movies i was just so lost in it. No Shailene no reviews no Sundance no nothing. It was just about those characters and subplots. The Spectacular Now is a small little firecracker that will surprise you in every possible way. A Teen movie of this standard, this real, this deep is just so rare. The director handled the movies so delicately and with so much care. The scene between the hero and his mom that comes at the pre-climax just moves you so much. This movie is just a PERFECT Coming-of-age movie. Watch it. Relish it. Preserve it.

1. Gravity 


And finally here we are. Our movie of the year. One of the greatest movies EVER made. Alfonso Cuarón’s utter Masterpiece GRAVITY. It takes your breath away.

After watching this movie…. sorry, experiencing this movie, you will know what movies are all about. what film making is all about. what theaters are all about. Why IMAX was invented. How to Make use of 3D. This movie is just like an encyclopedia.

From that marvelous single shot opening scene to end credits. Groundbreaking Special effects. Legendary Cinematography. Killer score. Every scene. Every bit. Every second. It’s like you are witnessing a Modern age Classic.

Sandra Bullock just knocked it out of the park. From her screaming to barking. From watching the fire fly to making her tears fly. She will just own you.

Alfonso Cuarón, Thank you for giving us Gravity. Take a bow Sir !!

That is with our top 10. But, there are some other Great films that didn’t make into the list… Captain Phillips, World War Z, Monsters University, Thor 2, Fruitvale Station, 42, Frozen, Don Jon, Warm Bodies and This is the End.


2 responses to “Our Top 10 Movies of 2013

  1. My Top 10 movies of 2013

    1) Rush
    2) The Wolf of Wall street
    3) Gravity
    4) Before midnight
    5) Captain Phillips
    6) The Way Way back
    7) 42
    8) The Great Gatsby
    9) The world’s end
    10) Frozen

    I Know Rush shouldn’t top this list, but being an F1 fanatic i could rarely blink during the movie. Ron howard took me back in time to the sounds of V12 engines and combined it with Hans zimmer’s score. Just Perfect and coming to the cast Daniel Bruhl just blew me away. It was so unexpected and He is more than believable as Niki Lauda. I hope he gets an Academy award amid the stiff competition.

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