Curious case of 1 – Nenokkadine !!!


I never liked Sukumar or his films. Every movie of his is overdone madness… except for Arya ( I hardly remember anything about Jagadam) .  I am not a Mahesh Babu fan but I absolutely loved his last 3 films and he totally gained my respect with Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu for obvious reasons.  When I heard the news that these two guys are coming together, I got really excited for unknown reasons ! From the  release of first wallpaper to the last theatrical trailer, 1 Nenokkadine always had my attention. Days towards the release that attention turned into obsession. I was just dying to watch it.

Finally the day had come Jan 10, 2014. Day started with discouraging tweets. It was sad but I never lost hope. Little later it was my show time. Theater was full. I was totally pumped up. And the movie began with a terrific opening scene with Goutham running away from villains. It was fantastically shot. Then came the first song, which was decent and it was followed a brilliant chase sequence. Till here, everything was bang on. Next came a scene that reveals the whole chase that happened previously was hero’s hallucination. There, Right there, At that moment, I was scared like shit. Just after 20 mins. Sukumar introduced me to his craziness. Then, in a bit, movie moved to goa. There, craziness met unwanted complication and gave us a total mess. I was annoyed to death. Just when I was loosing hope, thinking it was all over, Movie had an amazing pre-interval scene and from there, there was no stopping.

Interval episode is easily one of the greats scenes ever written in Telugu cinema. The way it was shot, Mahesh Babu’s Performance, Sukumar’s taking and DSP’s music, everyone just touched  their career peaks there. Crowd were not on their seats, whistles, claps, the whole theater went bonkers. And Me, I was just blown away.  What followed in 2nd half was pure genius.

2nd half start with dialogue “naa jeevitham lo inka abbhadhalu vundavu Sameera… anni nijale”… from there the way story unveils itself is something extraordinary. Movie has so many layers in it.  Playing with the clues, Parents, His father’s dreams, finding murders, reasons behind murder, who to believe, what is the truth, what is not etc. There are some terrific scenes like where Mahesh solves Rubik’s Cube and simultaneously a previously happened scene goes backwards to reveal the Bank’s symbol. one more where a big twist comes out with Nassar and Pradeep Rawat switching places. And that excellently written conversation between Mahesh and Nassar at pre-climax. These are just three of many.  Somewhere in between second half I totally got connected to Goutham (Mahesh babu) and I was wanting to see their parents as much as him !! I’m not commenting anything on climax. Go watch it on big screen. All i can say is, I literally got goosebumps while I was watching it again yesterday for the second time.

Apart from these, there are also some tiny Sukumar-ish moments which made this film extra smart. Like the one bit that comes after first song where Kelly escapes in a car which mahesh sees on a hoarding right before it. Very Deep no ? I shall give you some more, The one in Goa where Mahesh confirms about Heroin’s presence with a random old couple and then double confirms about these old couple with a random guy who is little away from them., When Mahesh Babu says “Sound raakoodadhe…” after killing Kelly and Showing Mahesh and Goutham on same frame running behind each other at climax. God level stuff this.

Coming to cast and crew. Sukumar’s Best work along with Arya. And i’m so glad that he used non-linear screenplay. Every single bit that runs on screen is linked to the story. Sukumar respects your intelligence, asks you to involve, asks you to feel for the lead character and have some some patience. But no spoonfeeding whatsoever . Rathnavelu’s camera work was top notch. Mindblowing frames and lightings. Kriti Sanon was a sweet surprise. Now,  Music. Devi Sri Prasad. What he did to this movie with his BGM is fucking epic on so many levels. Its haunts you for days. One of the best Ever.  I wish makes release it as a separate track. Goutham got a glorious debut. His character comes and goes every now and then. He is just there all along the movie. Last but not least, Mahesh Babu. This is undoubtedly Mahesh’s Best performance till date for me, wearing his role like second skins . His act in interval and climax episodes is legendary stuff.

Only thing that went terribly wrong with this film was its Budget. You really really can’t afford to take risk with 70+ Crs. Have to say that producers had some balls. But they should have made it in controlled budget and just for limited targeted audience. If movie reaches beyond that, it’s an advantage.  Most of the songs and Goa episode were irritating and majorly effecting the flow of the film. Movie was also bit too long for its genre.

Who ever were familiar with my pre-release excitement about “1” might think i am biased. But no, I’m not. What I expected from this movie before release and what got from it after watching is entirely different. But I loved this film for what it wanted to be. So, Go give 1 – Nenokkadine a shot. It is one the most ambitious, honest, original and sincere effort in recent telugu cinema. Hope you will enjoy it. Even if you don’t like it, It’s completely ok, because What “1” and Telugu film Industry now more needs is encouragement and confidence than love.

And If you Chose not to care… then as my friend on twitter said… “migitha janam Maa TV lo vaaram vaaram choosukuni mellaga istapadathaaru..ika chesedi em ledu…” 


79 responses to “Curious case of 1 – Nenokkadine !!!

  1. Well written bro.
    You last paragraph would become true.

    I want to tell two things.

    After movie release my whole Facebook is about 1. Some are saying good movie in wrong industry. Also blaming audience for not appreciating the movie. ” Why would anyone don’t like the movie if the movie is good?”

    And also some people are saying that it has a different story, a Hollywood range movie. Encourage the movie so that we can get these type of movies more in Tollywood. Did you people encourage VARNA? In which they tried to use Graphics and created another planet like Hollywood movies. But Appreciated ROBO, which is different plot and also good Graphics like Hollywood movie.

    Even Hollywood people do not appreciate if movie is not good. There is a movie called UNKNOWN which is also psychological thriller, but it is flop.

    What i wanted to tell is ” Cinema Hollywood range lo teeste HIT avvadu, Cinema manchiga teeste HIT avutadi”.

    • You all hit movies are manchiga theesinatta???? Simha, Businessman, Racha inka chala unnayile …. Ante rudra veena, apadhbandhavudu, khaleja chetha ga theesara?? When people unable to understand the movie theme then they wont go and watch. People many times are wrong?

    • movie manchiga theeste hit kaadu bayya mana telugu people ki kavalisindi 4 songs 3 fights 2 punch dilages 1 itam song kavali apudaithene nachutaadi leka pote purthiga mass and itam song unna leka full comedy and itam song unte saripothundi educated persone ki alaane kaavali chadukoni vaadiki ade kavali enduku boss

      • bhayya…stop blaming Telugu ppl and TFI audience…movie bagunte aadaristharu…and pedda hero cinema bagundi ante adi IH kachitam ga authundi…all that matters is the execution…1 movie was good in parts…but on a whole…bearing with 3 hrs of the movie where almost 1 hr can be totally excluded (like the songs, Goa episode, the romantic episodes) is a bit tough to sit through and watch in the theaters…idhe movie TV lo vasthe adarinchochu…because we can walk away whenever we get bored and come back when the interesting part comes…

        So, chill TFI is good…TFI audience are good…it’s just that experimental films work good sometimes and do not sometimes…so stop blaming TFI audience and start accepting the fact that 1 is good but not the best…

        miru cheppinattu 3 fights, 2 punch dialogues, 1 item song unte hit aipoyetattu aithe…Ramayya Vastavayya enduku flop aindi??

  2. hell no… i too agree vth songs as speed breakers… but there is no such extra smart activities as in julai.. thank god its not repeated.. finally whatever whoever said anything about the film.. mahesh’s role cant be replaced by any hero..

  3. Well, i agree with you but I think the first twist that killing kelly was a hallucination is itself was quite amazing!! Sukumar did a great job in the chase.. if you observe, the car does not spill water whereas mahesh’s bike spills it.. I think everything is perfect. Even goa was good where Kriti exploits the problem of mahesh, quite funny.. I dont say it is a hollywood movie as movies like butterfly effect, inception, shutter island etc are more complex and treat to watch than this but “1” is better for telugu standards.. Nicely explained twists and well taken, the story is good and these movies will improve the industry rather than the routine action-comedy entertainers!

  4. specially MAHESH’S acting and especially DSP’s background score !!!! OMG thts really freaking crazy !! A true sexy osm movie !! # cheers to Mahesh Babu and the entire Team !! 🙂 (y)

  5. Good read.. Watched movie 3 times already.

    And If you Chose not to care… then as my friend on twitter said… “migitha janam Maa TV lo vaaram vaaram choosukuni mellaga istapadathaaru..ika chesedi em ledu…”

    Gemini TV acquired satellite rights…

  6. Kudos to Sukumar…I hate Mahesh babu.. But i just loved the movie and his acting was extraodinary.. Such a brilliant flick.. I Pity those who didnt liked the movie..All you need is some brains… Nijame melliga tv lo chusinappudu nachutundi andariki.. appudu siggulekunda chustaru.. 😛

  7. I don’t agree with you. well, i see few people enjoyed it but equally many other people didn’t like it. First concern is about the character of the actor: he is a rockstar in the film. Did anywhere in the film, did it appear like he is a rockstar? Director really failed in building up his character. Mahesh being a rockstar in the movie, he continued to act the same as he acted in his other films. I wish directors need to concentrate little bit on building up the characters of the artists first. Sukumar really failed in it. There are more technical failures in the movie, but i don’t like wasting time on writing all those here.

    • 1 movie lo mahesh rockstar movie rockstar kadu hero memary loss lo untadu talitandrulanu tanachinnatanamlo vilans champadam kalara chusadu vallameda kasi penchukunnadu vallanuchamputunnatuga uhunchukununnadu valla amma nannalu yavaro telusukovalani thapistunnadu manaki akanti storeelu nachavu MANAKI PELLAM PILLALUNI VADILESEVARANTE ISTAM

    • hero rockstar kaka pothe hero story antha popular kadu. famous person kabatti andaru valla life ante intrest chupistharu kabatti story and twistts reache ayyaye. oka vela hero normal person ithe vadi gurinchi evadu pattinchi kodu then there is no story…………………….coming to mahesh performance nuvvu inthavaraku mahesh cinemalu chudatledani maku arthamaindi ne comment chusthe

  8. baga chepparu boss…
    acc to me i enjoyed each and every bit of the movie….
    i was totally in trance after watching….
    mahesh was at peaks of acting
    sukumar…i w holey respect his intelligent taking…..
    1 will be the best movie in telugu industry…..
    yes it will be slow hit…

    last chepparu kada ..maa tv and nachhuthundhi,,,thats especially for people who r against mahesh

  9. Well , it is a copy or say inspired by Hollywood movie UNKNOWN. If director followed original Unknown movie. it could have been better. 3 hour long and they realize and cut 20 mins, blaming audience for not encouraging is not Good. Those who have seen Liam Neeson’s Unknown will know, it is good movie and not confusing.

  10. Awesome review bro..”1″ is obviously a gud movie with new story and screenplay..everything was good expect some flaws and bit lengthy..Coming to our present trend in our T industry..adiripoye hero entry scene,3songs,brahmi comedy,little romance and a item song..we used to addicted to like these routine movies..with no story..just entertainment…one of the best example is Nayak movie..the best part in that movie is comedy..remaining trash..

    “1” will be a new encourage for directors to takeup new stories and T audience will get some different movies with creativity

  11. ” Every movie of his is overdone madness… ” i think this is false after “one ” Arya 2 must be one of the best movie in telugu industry the way sukumar designs arya character awesome i think you should give it a second watch 🙂

  12. bhayya …nenu kuda eppudu TFI lo different movies ravali anukuntuvuntanu …
    ‘1’ chala varaku reach ayyindhi …kakapothe …it is beyond our expectations …first half lo after 20 mins mana patience ni chala test chesthadu ..manake ala vuntae …families ki ..children ki ..mass ki ..ela ardhamavthundhi ..ela accept chestharu …telugu industry lo that is very important …

  13. 1: Nenokkadine – Movie Review: Brilliant Psychological Thriller … › … › Telugu › Reviews
    6 days ago – Director Sukumar Telugu film 1: Nenokkadine is psychological thriller starring Mahesh Babu … The director seems to have drawn inspiration from a Hollywood film The Bourne Identity.

  14. What telugu films mainly have is family dispute, 2 heroins, one hero and the whole story the same frm last many years
    THis types of films are needed

    Its just Golden rice movie :”)

  15. Correct ga chepparu 1 movie athadu laane big hit avutundi mahesh story vinagaane idhi block buster ani oppukunnadu kontha mandi janaalu screen meeda chusina kuda artham chesukoleka pothunnaru veellandariki MAA TV LO TELECAST AYINAPUDU ARTHAM CHESUKUNTAARU 1 GOOD MOVIE WRONG INDUSTRY

  16. Nice review.. I liked the movie immensely. I watched the movie after reading all the bad reviews as I was predetermined to watch Mahesh – Sukumar’s combination not matter what the outcome is. Movie is beyond my expectations. I can say best effort by both till date. I see few glitches here and there but overall an awesome experience. Hit or flop is a different matter, but for me this ranks among the finest works of both of them.

  17. Super movie, length and Songs situaton and mainly action sequence meeda care teesukuni unte content inka better ga vacchi undedhi

  18. Fine critique. Good review. Very balanced. Let me add this quote of Mary Kay Ash:”Sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of praise.” And in regard to Mahesh’s performance one of the finest I’ve ever seen in recent times by an actor/superstar in Telugu films. Confident people do not concentrate on their weaknesses; they develop and maximize their strengths. This sumps up the Mahesh’s approach towards acting. In a nutshell, an award-winning performance trotted out by Mahesh. Kudos to his intent to raise the bar of Telugu films. Indeed, he translated his intent into a superb performance on screen. His sincere and honest efforts deserve appreciation.

  19. ivanni kadu bhayya mahesh rocks and sukumar keka ilanti movies ardam kavalante koddiga dimag undali…. appude ardam avtadhi….any how our little superstar gattamaneni gautham rocks…..

  20. A Good materpiece in sukuamr list of diections…
    Mahesh’s acting was extraordinary with silent punch dialogues…
    Needs patience, involvement and little intelligence to watch movie….
    Bored with old typed family disputed faction movies..

  21. Unlike other recent movies with same fights, dialogues, comedy…It brings a change and takes the industry to a next level. Kottadanaani encourage cheyyara??

  22. Good Attempt to justify the movie. 1 is a different movie doesn’t mean it has to be a good movie. There are flaws in the movie.

    1 is not an original movie starting from the titles. Director directly lifted some of the scenes of different english movies.

    Hugo movie for title concept, Fight Club movie for first fight with kelly, Inception movie, Climax song to find his parents home(Some animation movie).

    Mahesh did excellently and sukumar did good. But at the end it is a mixture different english movies and with some flaws.


  24. no bhayya… actually this movie was great… but only thing the reviews on internet on first day… why these guys gives rating for any movie… what is the qualification for these guys? movie meeda mee opinion raayandi… rating ivvoddu… ee movie lo panichesina prathi technician kuda 100% effort petti chesaru… yedo nalugu movies chusi copy kotti vatilo okko seen okko chota irikinchi… dialogulatho sahaa vere movie lonchi teesukunna routine cinema kaadidi… prathi frame lo cinema ki panichesina technician kashtam, producer kharchu pettina dabbulu, director intelligence kanabadataay… dayachesi bavundani cheppaka poina baledani matram cheppakandi…

  25. Watched 1 movie today..the main theme of mahesh in this movie was to identify his x parents ..the biggest joke is he remembers the faces of the people who killed his parents whom he just saw one time,at the same time he cant remember his parents even compare our movies to hollywood..1 is a poor narrated story by suku which many loop holes with a quite irritating scenes

  26. exam hall lo nenu expect chesina vidamga quesrions raledu ante tappu nedi.

    Who told u to expect about the movie without any dialogue?

  27. The line “What I expected from this movie before release and what got from it after watching is entirely different” what u added is completely true i gone out to watch a pakka telugu regular sukumar movie but what i got is a Brand Sukumar movie how rajmouli showed the worth of telugu director with Eega i hope sukumar will also show his presence and the day is not so far to show south indian movie means telugu cinema.

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