Four years later, I’m back here writing a blog post about a movie and guess who brought me back to doing this?! Yes, It’s Sukumar again. In these four years, a lot of exciting things happened to  Telugu cinema. We had some amazing small and independent films like Arjun Reddy, Ninnu Kori, Kshanam, Pelli Choopulu, Garudavega, Ghazi etc.. which not only told some amazing stories but also worked at the box-office. Then there were big budget, big hero blockbusters like Srimanthudu, Janatha Garage, Nannaku Prematho and the mighty Baahubali movies which tried to tell their unique stories while following the commercial pattern.

I might have hated some of these movies mentioned above, but that is a different issue altogether. After so many stories and journeys, right now, at this moment ,we are standing in this small village called Rangasthalam with Chitti Babu and we should forever be thankful to Sukumar for this.

Though Rangasthalam starts off with a normal single line ‘good vs evil’ plot, but what makes it special is, Sukumar’s Treatment. Sukumar adds plenty of stuff to make this straight forward village political drama for what it is now. He makes the village look as authentic as possible, he constructs strong principal characters, a genuine romantic track, some sukumar-ish smart moments (which we all love) and making sure there is a high point (Fights, interval scene, songs, etc.) every now and then to keep us invested. Some how in the latter part of second half, the movie starts to fade, and just then Sukumar arrives and turns the whole film up-side down in the last 20 minutes. It goes beyond predictability! He tries to be ambitious, tries to touch bigger issues such as caste, honor killings, revenge, justice and boy…he succeeds and how! The last few seconds where Chitti Babu walks out of the house, comes down the stairs, looks at Rama Lakshmi and they continue to walk. This scene just left my head spinning, I continued to stare at the screen and refused to get up from my seat. THAT was the impact Sukumar, Charan, DSP and Rathnavelu had created.

Sukumar allowed every single character to shine. Every character had a scene or dialogue that defined them. Be it Rama Lakshmi kissing Chitti Babu to express her love louder than her voice. Rangamattha saying “mee rangamathha andhagathe kadha ra, mogudu poyadu ani thelisthe… meesam molichina prethodu mogodu aipothadu…”. The Scene where Chitti Babu’s mother fluctuates her voice according  to what should go into Chitti Babu’s ears. Kumar Babu entering the President’s house without removing his footwear. Mahesh losing it after a point when he’s trying to hide the insult which happened to Chitti Babu’s father. Every character had their moment. Amongst the supporting cast my favorites were Aadhi and Anasuya. Aadhi leads the film by playing the supporting character. He might not be the hero of the film, but he is the hero of the story.

Now, instead of giving our main protagonist a defining scene,  Sukumar let the Chitti Babu define the movie itself. Let me take some time to talk about Chitti Babu, I mean Ram Charan Tej. Apart from being Chiranjeevi’s son and that he’s a good dancer, I never found a reason to like him. His performances were always cringeworthy. Even in movies like Magadheera and Dhruva, I felt the movie overshadowed his bad acting. I think I was the only happy person when he made Zanjeer. Not because it was a disaster, but because he got trashed by national critics for his performance. And the message was clearly sent to his fans over here. But what happened in Rangasthalam was totally unexpected and it blew my mind into bits and pieces! Right from very first second Charan gets into the skin of the character and from there on, there was no Ram Charan in the film, there was only Chitti Babu. His comedy timing was impeccable! He played the role with so much honesty and innocence that you sympathize with the character all through the movie. His performance in the final scene with Prakash Raj is his best performance by light-years. Even in my dreams , never did I think I would say this, but I am… “I CAN’T IMAGINE ANYONE IN THIS ROLE APART FROM RAM CHARAN TEJ”.

Telugu cinema is having the time of it’s life! Now Rangasthalam is the latest addition. This is why we go to movies… to experience a story, to relate to characters and empathize with them. When the movie was done, I did not want to leave the theater and I  didn’t mind if the film ran for another three hours.

There is this scene in the movie,  where Chitti Babu tells Rama Lakshmi “Naaku maa annaya meedha unnanantha prema neeku naa meedha unnapudu cheppu… pellicheskunta“. He doesn’t even celebrate his sister’s coming of age. This is how much Chitti Babu’s loved his brother. And that is exactly how much I loved this film!



The Movie Moments – 2014

Year ends, This is the time when I remember about our Blog. So this time I planned to write about my favourite movie scenes of 2014 and wanted to ask my other friend  as guests to write about best and worst films, just like previous year. But then, I thought, whats so special in that ? So, I decided to make my friends (who I know from quite few years and who’s opinion I really value) to join me to write on their own favourite scene of this year and I did not restrict them on any particular language. So, that is how this post was born and…. here goes the list

( The order is based on film’s release date )



1)  “Nenu nijam…” – 1 Neokkadine ( By Harsha – @adhyayam )

click on “watch on YouTube” for the video


ప్రేమ కంటే భయం గొప్పది’
అనే డైలాగ్ ఉంటుంది ఈ సినిమాలో. కానీ అన్నిటికంటే ‘నిజం’ శక్తిమంతమైనది. అందుకేనేమో ఈ  సినిమాలో  కూడా అన్ని scenes కంటే అందరూ అనుకునే అబద్దం, హీరో ని వెంటాడే గతం – ‘నిజం’ అని చూపించే  Interval scene ఏ BEST Scene అయింది.
అప్పటి వరకూ ఉందని-లేదని, అవునని-కాదని ఇలా కాస్త విసుగు పుట్టించినా, కళ్ళెదురుగా ఉన్న ప్రేమ  కోసం నిజమో కాదో తెలీని కల లాంటి తన గతాన్ని కాదనుకుని హీరో తన కథని deadend దగ్గిర ఆపేస్తాడు. వీడి confusion ఏ కదా main, మరి వీడే compromise అయిపోతే ఇక conflict ఎక్కడుంది అని  ఆలోచిస్తుండగానే  start అవుతుంది Interval Scene (Toilet scene). సుకుమార్ తాను ఎందుకు  special అన్నది ఇక్కడ మనకి Blu-Ray.1080P quality అంత clearga చూపిస్తాడు.
అప్పటి వరకూ తనకి గతం ఉంది నమ్మే హీరో ఇక్కడ మాత్రం తన ఎదురుగా ఉన్నది తన ఊహే అని  బలంగా నమ్ముతుంటాడు. ఈ scenelo సుకుమార్ writing ఏ level lo ఉంటుందంటే, హీరో తను  ఊహించుకుంటున్నాను అని నమ్ముతున్నాడని చెప్పడానికి రాసిన ‘ ఊహించుకోడంలో ఉన్న  advantage ఇదేరా …ప్రతీ సారి నువ్వే gun పెట్టలేవ్…’, ‘ఇప్పుడు నీ కోసం కుర్చీని  ఊహించుకోలేను…’,’నువ్వు మాట్లాడుతున్నట్టు నేను ఊహించుకోట్లేదు…’,‘ నువ్వు ఊపిరి  తీసుకుంటున్నావ్  కాబట్టి బ్రతకట్లేదు….నేను ఊహించుకుంటున్నాను కాబట్టి  బ్రతికున్నావ్…’ లాంటి  మాటలు అప్పటి  వరకూ  సినిమాతో  disconnect అయిపోయినళ్ళని కూడా alert చేసేసాయ్. తాను నమ్మిన నిజమే నిజమని  హీరోకి / మనకి కూడా clarity ఇచ్చే ఈ scene ని  సుకుమార్  thought process కి  పరాకాష్టగా చెప్పుకోవచ్చు. ఇక దేవి శ్రీ ప్రసాద్  తన  BGM తో  ఈ  scenelo intensity ని  ఇంకో  level కి  తీసుకెళ్ళిపోయాడు.
మహేష్ ఈ సినిమాలో ఎంత గొప్పగా నటించాడనేది ఈ scene చూస్తే  అర్ధమైపోతుంది. ఈ ఒక్క sceneలోనే –  తను  ఇన్నాళ్ళు  నమ్మింది  నిజం కాదనే ‘నిరాశ’, తనకి నిజంగానే గతం, అమ్మ, నాన్నలేరనే ‘బాధ’, చివరకి  తాను నమ్మిందే నిజం అని అర్ధమైనప్పుడు విలన్ చెప్తుంది వినకుండా చంపేసాడు…వాడు చెప్పకుండా  చచ్చిపోయాడనే  ‘కోపం’…. వీటిని  అంత బాగా చూపించగలిగాడు కాబట్టే ఈ scene ఇంత  గొప్పగా  పండింది.
సుకుమార్, మహేష్, దేవి శ్రీ ప్రసాద్  కలిసి సృష్టించిన ఈ scene My Best Scene in 2014.

English version:

There is this  dialogue in the film where hero says ‘Prema Kante Bhayam Goppadi’  (fear is powerful than love) but of all “Truth” is the most powerful. May be that is why I loved this scene the most, the scene which says the biggest lie of the film, the hero’s past, is nothing but “Truth”.

Though at this point, film quite irritates us with what is the truth, what is not, what to believe, what to not… when hero compromises his dream-like-past for his so called real love which stands in front him, At this point where I’m utterly confused as our hero gave up the main conflict point…. Comes the Interval scene (toilet scene). Sukumar here show why he so special with as much clarity as in the above 1080P video.

after all the characters and scenarios that lead our hero here some how makes him firmly believe that the guy sitting in front him is not real. The level of writing maintained by Sukumar is so smart that it strengthens the scene with every line… like “Oohnchukodamlo unna advantage idera…prathi saari nuvve gun pettalev…”ippudu nee kosam kurchini oohinchukolenu…”,”Nuvvu maatladtunnattu nenu oohinchukotledu…”,‘”nuvvu oopiri teeskuntunnav kabatti bratakatledu….nenu oohinchukuntunnanu kabatti brathikunnaav…”. Devi Sri Prasad’s Background music lifts the intensity in the scene to whole new level.

And this scene should be more than enough to say how great Mahesh Babus’s performance was in this film. Just in this one scene, He shows his “disappointment” as he actually believes that he doesn’t have a past which he always thought he had, He shows his “grief” as he believes he does’t have a father and mother who he was always trying to find,  He shows his “frustration” and “anger” as he just killed a clue or a person in this case that can actually lead to his  past. It’s because Mahesh has pulled these all off with so much subtlety, the scene turned out the way it had.

So, This moment created by Sukumar, Mahesh and Devi Sri is my most favourite scene this year.


2) “Nuvvu cheppe prethi kadha lo maa amma nana unnaru” – 1 Nenokkadine ( by Varun – @vva_run)

click on “watch on YouTube” for video


Hero: “Bank lo maa nanna daachina box dhorikindi..Kaani box lo seed ledu

Vilain: “Box lo seed lekapovatam enti..seed vundali kada

Hero: “Nuvvu cheppina katha lo kooda maa nanna gurinchi details vundali kada”… comes the reply from Mahesh.

 Thus what was supposed to be a plain simple narration by the Villain, about the back story of the revenge seeking Hero turns into a twisted confrontation between them.

What makes it worse here for Mahesh is that he is not sure if the factual details about his father are being exchanged for his father’s accomplishment. During a tense conversation he finishes off the goons and shoots Nasser just after mouthing couple of logical lines summarizing that only one of them is going home alive with their wants. Mahesh chooses to sacrifice his quest for his Father’s, pushing Nasser to the edge of death listening to every fake story in the process.

What happens next is what took a good scene to an extraordinary level. Shot superbly by Ratnavelu in an artsy crystal glass set made in CGI and terrific BGM by DSP that complements the intense sequence, this is my most favourite scene of the movie which has a couple of other extraordinaires.

The fluctuations Mahesh shows from being selfish where he acts as if he is ready to give away, just to know how his parents look; to being selfless not giving in to Nasser’s terms ..Masterclass!. Also Sukumar’s writing is a true genius where the Hero & Villain play a game of trust with words. Dialogues like “nuvvu cheppe prethi kadha le maa amma nana unnaru” and “maa ela untadi… nana ela untaru ? naa la untara ? choosav kadha ra !! ”  can’t help, but just melts your heart. What is even more better than the above mentioned are Mahesh’s helpless expressions right before and after killing Nasser. I haven’t seen that good subtle & short expressions of pain & distress ever since those of Venkatesh from AMAV.

This supposed to be climax thus sets up the stage for an exceptional climax of 1 Nenokkadine, the extremely Loved or Hated Movie of 2014 !!


3) Gwen Stacy’s Death – The Amazing Spiderman 2 ( By Sushanth – @sushanthreddy )


First when the pics of Emma Stone in green coat came out, we knew it is all going to end. The Amazing Spiderman series has its share of lovers and haters… But I don’t think there is anyone who cannot love the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, played to perfection by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Even in this overstuffed and uneven 2nd instalment, director Mark Webb shines in dealing the romantic thread. All along the movie we find great action set pieces, lots of laughs and nice romance… And we all also know where they are leading to. When finally the moment arrives Webb shows what a craftsman he is and delivers one of the best scenes of year.

We don’t know where to concentrate… On Gwen who is trying to hang on there for her life or on Spidey and Goblin who fighting each other in terrifically choreographed action sequence. But, the moment stops when Gwen drops from the clock tower. Webb uses the slow-motion and camera angle super effectively here. When spidey releases the Web, it opens up like hand trying to catch Gwen, showing that every bit of Peter Parker wants to save her. But it’s all bit too late, as the scene ends with a devastating shot of Gwen smacking her head to the ground.

Andrew Garfield gave a shattering performance in the scene. As he holds Emma and continue whispers “stay with me”..  blood slowly stars to flow from her nose. Genius touch. This what happens when emotion, direction, acting and technology, all hit the right spot. Wish even the movie was as honest and smart as this scene.


4) The Quicksilver – X-Men Days of Future Past ( By Shreya – @shreyaannam )


This movie was bigger than ‘X-men First Class’ in every possible way (Cast, Scale, Reviews, Box-office, etc). Personally, I didn’t think it matched up to its prequel. But the one thing which I think made EVERYONE go ‘Woaw…that was f***ing awesome’ was the Quicksilver slow-mo scene. There was a lot of negativity surrounding the inclusion of this character in the film before its release majorly because he wasn’t as good and popular as the rest of the X-Men. But just this one scene was more than enough to shut all the criticism and made us feel glad that he was a part of the movie !

The entire prison break sequence was indeed a showcase of Quicksilver’s powers with the scene in the kitchen presented to us as a grand finale to the entire episode, which was nothing but pure awesomeness.

At the beginning of the scene when our mighty heroes Professor X, Magneto & Wolverine are just standing there helpless as the security point their guns at them, you instantly look at the man of the moment- QUICKSILVER. And my god…does he deliver ! My mouth was wide open with awe throughout! Added to that, the choice of the background score (Time in a bottle by Jim Croce) was just perfect.

It’s a pity that they didn’t have more of Quicksilver as he was the most exciting part of the the film. I hope they bring him back for the next installment. Meanwhile we’ll have to wait and see what the ‘The Avengers’ Quicksilver has in store for us.


5) The moment seizes us – Boyhood ( By Anvesh – @anvesh_21 )

In a movie with lot of poignant moments, its hard to pick one. Since, we are talking about moments, I`ll pick the one the gives the most profound meaning of what a moment is.

I can’t remember the last time a movie gave me an experience such as Boyhood. Not that I can relate the movie to my own childhood. But it gave me chance to reminiscence all those ‘moments’ at various stages in my own childhood. It’s a ground breaking film that took 12 years in making. Knowing that something could happen to actors or influence their lives while growing, Boyhood is a huge gamble that paid off thanks to Richard Linklater. A huge credit should also go to its brilliant cast- Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane, Lorelei Linklater..

There are numerous takeaways in this movie. Be it Olivia (Portrayed by the brilliant Patricia Arquette-Locked in for supporting actress awards) when realizes there isn`t more

or when Tommy saying that life doesn`t give you bumpers, the parade of drunken husbands, field trips with dad, hang outs with friends at various stages of Mason`s life while growing up. The one that stuck to me in this remarkable masterpiece is the ending.

Girl: You know how everyone’s always saying, “Seize the moment”? I don’t know why… I’m kind of thinking it’s the other way around. You know, like, the moment seizes us.

Mason: Yeah… Yeah, I know. It’s constant. The moments… It’s just—It’s like it’s always right now, you know?”

This sums up the whole movie to me.  When you are trying to guess how this movie concludes, you are thrown with this gem of a scene. I thought it would`ve ended when Mason`s dad takes him to a music gig, or when Mason finally leaves for college. But this ending kinda setup how Mason`s teenage would lead into his adulthood. Laid back, living in the present and being able to do what he wants. It`s such a beautiful moment in the film. Also, the ending gives subtle nod to the Before Trilogy. Nobody knows when the moment occurs. It just happens. The most we can do is be present. Time is constant. Life is about collecting these moments as they happen, be present in them and move on. Boyhood showed this brilliantly.

In an year that dished out many brilliant films, Boyhood stands out and it deserves all its awards and accolades coming its way. The soundtrack is an added plus to an already brilliant film.

Watch it, It may rekindle one of your own ‘moments’ in your life.


6) The Bathroom shootout – Jigarthanda ( By Arun Ashok – @arun661 )


While watching Karthick Subbaraj’s “Jigarthanda” I never thought a simple scene where a group of friends eating “Bhajji” on rainy evening will turn out to be my most memorable scene of the year!!!

It begins with “Assault” Sethu and his gang teasing one of his close associates, few seconds later Sethu starts walking from that place and the next three minutes was an absolute cinematic genius !!

Till the gun shots fired in the restroom that entire sequence was shot in a single take !!

After Sethu starts walking, a few moments later we get to know it’s actually a cinema theatre (till then we have no idea) & he wants to use the toilet!!

The entire sequence had no background score it had only ambience sounds !!  That whole ambience and the prolonged silence added more value for that gunshot! Typically it gave us a shock !!

Right at the end of the scene when that gunman is about to get caught by Sethu’s gang we can hear the song “Namma Ooru Singaari” from “Ninaithaale Inikkum” starts playing in that theatre!! With this song Karthick Subbaraj symbolically tells us a girl is all set to be loved by “Manmadhan”.

Apart from the technical brilliance in that scene what I liked the most was the writing from Karthick Subbaraj!! After hearing the gunshots Sethu’s gang comes there, the gunman realising he shot the wrong guy and immediately tries to shoot Sethu but ran out of bullets, In other films Sethu would’ve immediately attacked that gunman with his own hands but in that scene Sethu just looks at his gang and calmly walks into the toilet… and this takes the whole scene into the whole new level !!


7) The Prison Break – Guardian of the Galaxy ( By Naren – @NarenSompalli ) 


A Marvel movie is commercial movie-lover’s paradise. Captivating action sequences are a common feature of Marvel films, but the scenes that stand out are the ones where the action sequences are coupled with perfect comic timing. These are the scenes one cannot easily forget, like the climax scene of Avengers where Hulk beating the pulp out of Loki stood out for most of the viewers. The prison break scene from Guardians of The Galaxy is another such scene which has action and humour in the right measure.

Generally, dialogues in the middle of action sequences ruin the action, but every dialogue in this scene has been written with such perfection that you never feel the action has been interrupted. Remember the line told to Quill-”You need my what?”, that left people ROFLMAO.

I never expected two little words (”Oh, yeah!”-Rocket) could be said with such aplomb that it makes you cheer your lungs off! These were two classic whistle-moments of the scene. Every dialogue spoken by Drax in this scene is hilarious.

And as if the comedy didn’t make it good enough, the action made it even better! These bunch of losers get out of one of the best prison in the Galaxy by improvising on half a plan! And like that isn’t good enough, they do it by showing off all the macho of Drax, Kung-Fu-eyness of Gamora, wood of Groot, and weapon control of Rocket. What may seem like any other action scene of any other Marvel movie is bound to impress you. At least, it impressed me more than any other scene in any other movie I’ve watched this year!


8) Inside the House – Fury ( By Jeetu – @Mrjoykill )

Fury, Brad Pitt, Tanks, WWII. You’re probably thinking “BLOODBATH” if you haven’t seen the movie yet, maybe a not so differently after you’ve watched it too. Sure, its not a “300” type gore-fest but this one does not leave your blood-thirst unquenched either. So typical war movie you say, nope. Underneath the grime and blood and machine gun shells there is a dainty story about what you have to lose to live through a war- your humanity.

There is one particular scene where the allied troops take over a small german town and go on to celebrate when Collier (Pitt) and Ellison (Logen Lerman) spot a woman looking from a window. They rush in,check the place out and eventually find two women. Thats when things get interesting. Most of the soldiers take to the streets and indulge in drunken revelry, blowing things up for fun, serenading women, probably raping, so the tension in the apartment thickens.

In the apartment Collier decides to shut out the discourteous activities outside and creates a homely atmosphere. Giving the ladies cigarettes as gifts and asking them to cook for them. Ellison chips in with a soothing melody on the piano which quite surprises the young Emma who joins him with a song only to be cut short after they notice the grotesque scars on Collier’s back which is a harsh reminder of the war in a very civilized moment. Collier then decides to break the awkward silence by playing pimp and asks Ellison to bed Emma or that he would. Some would call it rape but it was kind of obvious that they were smitten by each other, Ellison and Emma. So Ellison does get laid and it brings the couple closer as can be seen in the scenes following it. But Collier’s make believe house crumbles when the rest of the crew arrive, drunk as fish.

They aren’t very pleased about Collier and Ellison keeping some of the spoils and not sharing but Collier establishes his authority and the crew are disappointed and feel let down. They go on to narrate one of their most traumatizing experiences the crew,together, have faced and everybody is visibly moved.  They then receive orders to move on to the next mission and while prepping for that they are attacked by a brief rain of artillery which levels most of the buildings around them. Yes, including the apartment with the two women. Ellison can’t hold himself back and rushes to the building to find Emma in a pile of rubble, motionless. He is dragged away by his mate and reminded that he isn’t god, thereby cutting what was probably his last fiber of innocence and his past self.

Though the movie doesn’t go on to show the transformation of Ellsion from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, it does mark a strong contrast between the newbie and the veterans in the crew and hints that that is what he will be turned into by the hideous war. The scene manages to cut out the outside world and brings it back as wake-up calls. when the going gets too good, much like life. This particular scene is a whiff of fresh air in the otherwise smouldering smell of napalm in the morning.


9) The Docking – Interstellar ( By Deepak – @poetrification ) 


If you plot the graph with epical movie scenes from the last hundred years in terms of brilliance, the docking scene from Interstellar is going to be an outlier, devoid of any scope for equivalence analysis, comparison or juxtaposition whatsoever.

It is the single greatest scene I’ve seen on large screen in terms of visuals, background music and scintillating grandeur. The scene has three authoritative aspects that contribute to its greatness – the visuals, the dialogue and the background music.

How easy is it to imagine a spaceship that explodes in another planet’s atmosphere in another galaxy? It certainly isn’t. And try and estimate the genius of Hans Zimmer who didn’t even know how the scene would play out before he was commissioned to score the music. All Nolan had was the screenplay on paper. And to make this scene out of it, commands a standing ovation.

When Cooper suggests Dr. Mann not to open the hatch warning him of its dangers, the music is just trying to build up. As a viewer you’re sure that there’s something big going to happen and you’re anticipating a loud explosion, which does occur, yet that moment of complete silence that follows while you see just visuals of endurance exploding is stunning. It is for moments like these, God probably decided humans should have eyes. ‘Cooper what are you doing?’, asks Dr. Brand. ‘Docking,’ he replies, with his eyes fixed on the endurance and Hans Zimmer is all set to pull off his greatest trick yet and you have goosebumps so severe that you’d think they’ll jut out of your skin like a fountain.

One of the less noted things about the scene is the light play. When the endurance is spinning, the light play inside and outside the spaceship is so meticulously precise that it’ll put perfectionism to shame. The ship approaching the endurance is shown in so many angles, depicting the vastness of space and the insignificance of average human imagination.

‘It’s not possible,’ says CASE, to which Cooper replies, ‘No. It’s necessary’. This single dialogue is worth more than the hundreds of inspirational speeches and self-help workshops ever delivered. And then the countdown when cooper says…’20 feet out, ten feet out, initiating spin, Come on TARS, Come on TARS…Okay we’re out of orbit,’ while this goes on, and they finally dock the endurance, I considered it a personal victory.

I’ve seen the film thrice on large screen and this scene particularly, over a 100 times. It is spine-tinglingly thrilling, joyous, pulsating and the jaw-dropping magnificence eventually becomes a habit. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what greatness should become – a habit. The docking scene is now my habit. But the jewel in Nolan’s crown of greatness is the intermittent jets of steam that he decided to show on the outside of the spaceship as immense illustriousness and splendor unfolds on the silver screen.


10) “Thank You”  – Queen ( just to make it 10 scenes) 



Being huge fan of “coming off age” films I couldn’t be any more happier than way Queen turned out to be… Filled with solid characters, great music, terrific writing and fearless performances. Movie had numerous moments of joy but how many ever scenes may come… Nothing can beat a utterly satisfying Climax. Right ? At least for most of the times.

After following Rani (Kangana Ranaut) for more than 2hrs, where she travel two countries, meets new people, new friendships and where she rediscovers her self… All were need is a respectable climax. Writes and director deliver just that.

Rani goes to Vijay’s house. Hands him her engagement ring. Says “thank you” and walk away with huge smile. It was such a liberating moment. Pure freedom. Last time I felt like that about a scene was during Udaan climax. Such glorious moments. Kangana’s life time performance, Vikas Behl’s delicate direction and Amit Trivedi’s Knockout music… All gel so perfectly.

And All you ladies out there, when an idiot huts your self respect, just give him a “fuck you” and walk away… Like a QUEEN.


(Other great scenes which missed making into our list – lip syncing scene from The Skeleton Twins, Waves Scene from Interstellar, 1 Neokkadine Climax, Legend Interval episode, Power Port fight, Coba tanker scene from Dawn of Apes, Fire breath scene from Godzilla, Car chase scene and Climax fight scene from Raid 2, Channing Tatum laughing his ass off in 22 jump street and Amy revealing scene from Gone Girl. )

Curious case of 1 – Nenokkadine !!!


I never liked Sukumar or his films. Every movie of his is overdone madness… except for Arya ( I hardly remember anything about Jagadam) .  I am not a Mahesh Babu fan but I absolutely loved his last 3 films and he totally gained my respect with Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu for obvious reasons.  When I heard the news that these two guys are coming together, I got really excited for unknown reasons ! From the  release of first wallpaper to the last theatrical trailer, 1 Nenokkadine always had my attention. Days towards the release that attention turned into obsession. I was just dying to watch it.

Finally the day had come Jan 10, 2014. Day started with discouraging tweets. It was sad but I never lost hope. Little later it was my show time. Theater was full. I was totally pumped up. And the movie began with a terrific opening scene with Goutham running away from villains. It was fantastically shot. Then came the first song, which was decent and it was followed a brilliant chase sequence. Till here, everything was bang on. Next came a scene that reveals the whole chase that happened previously was hero’s hallucination. There, Right there, At that moment, I was scared like shit. Just after 20 mins. Sukumar introduced me to his craziness. Then, in a bit, movie moved to goa. There, craziness met unwanted complication and gave us a total mess. I was annoyed to death. Just when I was loosing hope, thinking it was all over, Movie had an amazing pre-interval scene and from there, there was no stopping.

Interval episode is easily one of the greats scenes ever written in Telugu cinema. The way it was shot, Mahesh Babu’s Performance, Sukumar’s taking and DSP’s music, everyone just touched  their career peaks there. Crowd were not on their seats, whistles, claps, the whole theater went bonkers. And Me, I was just blown away.  What followed in 2nd half was pure genius.

2nd half start with dialogue “naa jeevitham lo inka abbhadhalu vundavu Sameera… anni nijale”… from there the way story unveils itself is something extraordinary. Movie has so many layers in it.  Playing with the clues, Parents, His father’s dreams, finding murders, reasons behind murder, who to believe, what is the truth, what is not etc. There are some terrific scenes like where Mahesh solves Rubik’s Cube and simultaneously a previously happened scene goes backwards to reveal the Bank’s symbol. one more where a big twist comes out with Nassar and Pradeep Rawat switching places. And that excellently written conversation between Mahesh and Nassar at pre-climax. These are just three of many.  Somewhere in between second half I totally got connected to Goutham (Mahesh babu) and I was wanting to see their parents as much as him !! I’m not commenting anything on climax. Go watch it on big screen. All i can say is, I literally got goosebumps while I was watching it again yesterday for the second time.

Apart from these, there are also some tiny Sukumar-ish moments which made this film extra smart. Like the one bit that comes after first song where Kelly escapes in a car which mahesh sees on a hoarding right before it. Very Deep no ? I shall give you some more, The one in Goa where Mahesh confirms about Heroin’s presence with a random old couple and then double confirms about these old couple with a random guy who is little away from them., When Mahesh Babu says “Sound raakoodadhe…” after killing Kelly and Showing Mahesh and Goutham on same frame running behind each other at climax. God level stuff this.

Coming to cast and crew. Sukumar’s Best work along with Arya. And i’m so glad that he used non-linear screenplay. Every single bit that runs on screen is linked to the story. Sukumar respects your intelligence, asks you to involve, asks you to feel for the lead character and have some some patience. But no spoonfeeding whatsoever . Rathnavelu’s camera work was top notch. Mindblowing frames and lightings. Kriti Sanon was a sweet surprise. Now,  Music. Devi Sri Prasad. What he did to this movie with his BGM is fucking epic on so many levels. Its haunts you for days. One of the best Ever.  I wish makes release it as a separate track. Goutham got a glorious debut. His character comes and goes every now and then. He is just there all along the movie. Last but not least, Mahesh Babu. This is undoubtedly Mahesh’s Best performance till date for me, wearing his role like second skins . His act in interval and climax episodes is legendary stuff.

Only thing that went terribly wrong with this film was its Budget. You really really can’t afford to take risk with 70+ Crs. Have to say that producers had some balls. But they should have made it in controlled budget and just for limited targeted audience. If movie reaches beyond that, it’s an advantage.  Most of the songs and Goa episode were irritating and majorly effecting the flow of the film. Movie was also bit too long for its genre.

Who ever were familiar with my pre-release excitement about “1” might think i am biased. But no, I’m not. What I expected from this movie before release and what got from it after watching is entirely different. But I loved this film for what it wanted to be. So, Go give 1 – Nenokkadine a shot. It is one the most ambitious, honest, original and sincere effort in recent telugu cinema. Hope you will enjoy it. Even if you don’t like it, It’s completely ok, because What “1” and Telugu film Industry now more needs is encouragement and confidence than love.

And If you Chose not to care… then as my friend on twitter said… “migitha janam Maa TV lo vaaram vaaram choosukuni mellaga istapadathaaru..ika chesedi em ledu…” 

Movie Review : The wolf of wall street

Wolf of wall street is so outrageous that you’ll have to constantly remind yourself that this movie is not fictional and actually happened about 30 years ago ! This movie is based on the book by Jordan Belfort but don’t waste your time trying to read it, just go ahead and watch the movie.

It’s baffling how a book filled with graphic descriptions of drugs and sex could inspire a ripe , reputed 71 year old director to make a movie about it but that only lasts about a moment in your mind’s hindsight cos you’re way too busy enjoying Di Caprio’s drug induced adventures and by the end of it you’re actually thanking Marty for making it ! Scorsese is the real Benjamin Button, getting younger with every movie.

Di Caprio looks like he thoroughly enjoys playing the character of Jordan Belfort which is basically a mashup of the Charlie Sheen’s characters in “Wall Street” and “Two and a half men”  and does it very convincingly. (No, no, don’t jump on oscar conclusions just yet). He plays the charismatic leader of the firm Stratton Oakmont who along with Jonah Hill as Donny Azoff teach a few old friends and kids just out of school and college to become the hottest brokers in wall street all by following a simple script he’s created. The Strattonites start making loads of money and come up with crazy ways to spend it when not blowing it on drugs or hookers. The business is all legit till Belfort starts getting greedy and starts manipulating the stock market to suit his best interests(which is of course a crime) and is pursued by an FBI agent who eventually hunts down the wolf.

Some of you may wonder if you’d understand all the business terms that normally comes with these movies without a MBA ??? No need to worry about that, just when you’re about to groan when there is an explanation to the business side of things, Di Caprio breaks the fourth dimension and cuts straight through the bullshit and tells you the conclusion. Amidst all the the craziness, Scorsese did fail in establishing the human side of the protagonist as Belfront did in the book or probably didn’t feel the need to defend a greedy, fraudulent, drug addict who cheats on his wife.

The Di Caprio – Scorsese combo overshadows the performances of all the other brilliant actors. One particular ten minute scene of the movie will leave you so breathless from laughing that the censor board should put a sign during it reminding the audience to breathe.(I’m trying really hard not to give it away, thank me later) Jonah Hill plays the trusty equally crazy partner who at one point swallows a goldfish to show his ruthlessness. And a pinch of Matthew McConaughey and Jean Dujardin in the movie adds the tiny little flavours that you can’t quite identify but makes it better.

The movie is filled with drugs , sex and money swindling and I find it rather weird that they decided to release it for christmas. What were they thinking ???  The movie is repulsive – yes, but it doesn’t dawn on you during the entire length of the movie or maybe even a few hours after cos you’re unknowingly indulging in it. Its highly recommended not to watch this movie with your parents but if you do please fill us in on how the experience was in the comments section.

OUT RATING : 4.5/5

3 Really Bad Telugu Movies – 2013

ఈ సంవత్సరం వచ్హిన అత్యంత భయంకరమైన సినిమాలు ఎన్నెన్నొ ఉన్నాయి. వాటి నుండి మూడు మాత్రమే ఇప్పుడు గుర్తు చేసుకుందాం.
3. భాయ్

images (3)

కింగ్ నాగర్జున గారు ఆయన సొంత నిర్మాణ సంస్థ అయిన అన్నపూర్ణ స్టుడియో మీద తీసిన సినిమాలు కొన్ని బాగా ఆడకపోయినా చూడలెనంత చెత్తగా ఐతె ఉండేవి కాదు.ఇదే ఉద్దేశం తో “పర్లేదు లే వీరభద్రం లాంటి పులిహార డైరెక్టర్ అయినా ఏదో ఒకటి ఉంటది లే” అనుకుంట లోపలికి వెళ్ళాను.లోపలికి వెళ్ళగానే “ధడేల్ ధడేల్ దిష్కాం దిష్కాం” అనే శబ్దాలు.Fight scene అనే అనుకుంటారు ఎవరన్న ఆ శబ్దాలు వినగానె.కాని అవి పోరాటాలు కాదు సంభాషణ రచయిత మన మీద  జాలి దయ అనేవి ఏవి లేకుండా రాసిన ముష్టి ప్రాస డైలాగ్స్ (అదేనండీ Bhai Bullets) అని తెలుసుకునే లోపే చెప్పుకోలేని చోట మానిపోవటానికి చాల టైం పట్టే గాయాలు చాలా అయ్యాయి. ఓరి దేవుడో ఏంటి మాకు ఈ హింస bullets తో అనుకునే లోపు “ఇప్పుడే ఎం చూసావు ముందు ఉంది రా నీకు అసలా సంబరం ” అన్నట్టు పాటలు. ఇలా bullets ని భాయ్ చేసే dance ని తట్టుకుంటూ తిట్టుకుంటూ ఫస్ట్ హాఫ్ ఎంతో కష్టం గా చూస్తాం. సెకండ్ హాఫ్ కి వచ్చేసరికి ఆయన కి ఒక చెల్లి తమ్ముడు అందరు దిగాబడతారు తెర మీదకి.వదిలెయ్యి Bhai ఇప్పటిదాకా కొట్టింది చాలు ఇంటికి పోతాము అంటే వినకుండా చెల్లి పెళ్లి అంటాడు దానికి ఒక ప్లానింగ్ అంటాడు. ఇవి చాలవు అన్నట్టు కొన్ని ట్విస్ట్ లు సాంగ్ లు సెంటిమెంట్ లు అదనం మనకి. ఆయన Bhai కాదు సినిమా కి వెళ్ళిన వాళ్ళని నారికే కసాయి.

2. గౌరవం 


అల్లు శిరీష్. ఆ పేరు లోనే vibrations ఉన్నాయి. ఆయన గారు ఇండస్ట్రీ కి రాక ముందే రకరకాల కారణాలతో ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ అంతటా ఫేమస్ అయిపోయారు. శని గ్రహం top form లో ఉండగా మంచి అమావాస్య ముహూర్తం చూస్కుని ఆయన గారు HERO అనిపించుకోవాలి అని ఫిక్స్ అయ్యరు. ఆ విధం గా శిరీష్ ని పరిచయం చేసే అగౌరవం “గౌరవం” కి దక్కింది. తెర మీద ఆయన చేసిన వింత లు విశేషాలు ఒకటి కాదు రెండు కాదు. వంద లు వేలు. అన్ని ఆ రెండు గంట ల గ్యాప్ లొనె. శిరీష్ దగ్గర ఒక చెప్పుకోదగ్గ నైపుణ్యం ఉంది. పాట కి ఫైట్ కి హీరోయిన్ పక్కన రొమాన్స్ కి ఒకటే expression. ఆయన గారి expression కి subtitles అవసరం ఎంతైనా ఉంది. “శిరీష్ బాబు నవ్వాడు… శిరీష్ బాబు కోపం గ చూస్తున్నాడు… శిరీష్ బాబు బాధ పడుతున్నాడు ” ఇలా కింద స్క్రోలింగ్ రావాలి ఈ విప్లవాత్మక నటుడు కి. ఏంటి రా చెత్త సినిమా గురించి రాయమని చెప్తే శిరీష్ జపం చేస్తావ్ అంటారేమో, సినిమా మొత్తం శిరీష్ ఈ ఉన్నాడు. కాదు కాదు ఆ సినిమా లో మనం ఇంకేమి చూడలేని విధం గా ఆయన కట్టి పడేసాడు. గౌరవం ఇంకెవరన్నా చేస్తే “ఈ సినిమా లో ఏముంది ఏమి లేదు” అనేవి చూడొచ్చు. శిరీష్ గొప్పతనం ఏంటంటే తన నటన తో సినిమా ని టాప్ 3 చెత్త సినిమాల్లోకి Single Hand గా లాక్కోచేసాడు.

1. షాడో 


క్రికెట్ కి టెండూల్కర్ టాప్ అయితే చెత్త సినిమా లకి మెహెర్ రమేష్ టాప్. ఆయన బరి  లో ఉంటె అందరు సెకండ్ ప్లేస్ కోసం కొట్టుకోవాల్సిందే. ఆయన గారు ఈ సారి వెంకటేష్ ని ఆయుధం గ వాడుకుని మన మీద దాడి కి దిగారు షాడో సినిమా తో. ఈ సినిమా లో  వెంకటేష్ వేసిన వెర్రి గెటుప్ లు అన్ని ఒక ఎత్తు అయితే చిన్న పిల్ల వాడి గా చేసిన అరగంట ఇంకొక ఎత్తు. ” అయ్యా మా నరాలు లాగేసి ఎవడో నలిపెస్తాన్నట్టు ఉంది ఆపేయండి ” అని అరిసి మొత్తుకున్నా కూడా ఎవరు జాలి దయ చుపెట్టకుండా హింస పెట్టిన చిత్రం షాడో. ” షాడో ” అని పేరు పెట్టాం కదా అని క్లైమాక్స్ ఫైట్ ని కేవలం నీడలు చూపిస్తూ కనిచేయటం మెహెర్ రమేష్ గారి భావ దారిద్ర్యం కి పరాకాష్ట . ఇవన్ని చూసి కూడా ఎవడన్న బ్రతికుంటే బయటకెళ్ళి బాడ్ టాక్ చెప్తారు సినిమా కి అని అనుకున్నాడో ఏమో మెహెర్ రమేష్ ఈ రోలింగ్ టైటిల్స్ లో స్వయం గ తెర మీద కి వచ్చి మిగిలిన ఆ ఒకరిద్దరిని చంపేశాడు. అనుమానమే లేకుండా ఈ సవత్సరం వచ్చిన అత్యంత చెత్త సినిమా షాడో.

Top 5 Telugu Movies – 2013.

దాదాపు అన్నిపెద్ద సినిమాలకీ Box-Office దగ్గర భారీ కలెక్షన్స్ వచ్చినా ఈ 2013 మాత్రం చిన్న  సినిమాలదే అని చెప్పొచ్చు.Action,Formula సినిమాల కంటే కూడా ఏదొక రూపంలో కొత్తదనం  చూపించిన  సినిమాలే ఎక్కువ సంఖ్యలో విజయవంతం అయ్యాయి.భారీ విజయాలు చూసిన పెద్ద సినిమాలలో కూడా  Family Emotions ప్రధానంగా ఉండడం గమనించాల్సిన విషయం.Commercialga కూడా అన్నీసక్సెస్  అయినవే అయినా Box-Office numbersకీ ఈ list సంబంధం లేదు.మూస పద్దతిలో కాకుండా ఏ మేరకు  కొత్తగా try చేసారు అనే దాని ఆధారంగానే ఈ List ని sort out చేయడం జరిగింది.

5.స్వామిరారా (Swamy Ra Ra)


మన దగ్గర క్రైమ్ కామెడీ రావడం చాలా తక్కువ.ఆ మధ్య రామ్ గోపాల్ వర్మ తీసిన క్షణ..క్షణం, మనీ ,అనగనగా ఒక రోజు తర్వాత కొంత వరకు చంద్రశేఖర్ యేలేటి ‘ఐతే’ తప్ప ఆ Genre ని మన వాళ్ళు  పెద్దగా touch చేయలేదు.ఇన్నాళ్ళకి  సుధీర్ వర్మ ‘ స్వామిరారా ‘ తో అలాంటి సినిమా తీసారు.ఇలాంటి సినిమాలకి Most Important అయిన పక్కా script,Tight Screenplay తో పాటూ Technical గా కూడా చాలా పకడ్బందీగా ఉండేట్లు చూసుకున్నారు.Content తో పాటూ Taking పరంగా కూడా చాలా కొత్తగా ఉండడం ఈ సినిమాకి పెద్ద plus point.Interval block గా వచ్చే 5 Lakhs 5 Crore idea మాత్రం Master Stroke.ఇలాంటి వాటికి Effective BGM,మంచి Music,Cinematography,Neat Casting తోడవడంతో Final గా మంచి  output వచ్చింది.Box-Office పరంగా wide range సూపర్ హిట్ కాకపోయినా ఆ budget కి commercial గా చాలా బాగా Pay చేసినట్టే లెక్క.పూర్తి freshnessతో  ఉండే ఈ  ‘ స్వామిరారా’ Comfortable గా Top 5 lo నిలబడింది.

4. మిర్చి (Mirchi) 


ప్రభాస్ కి సరిపోయే టైటిల్,మంచి ఆడియో,Interesting Casting choice లాంటివి ఈ సినిమా మీద రిలీజ్ కి ముందే positive vibrations create చేసినా,కొత్త
Director,Prducers కాబట్టి Output ఎలా  ఉంటుందో,పైగా February లాంటి unseason లో వస్తుంది.ప్రభాస్ కి ఈ సారైనా Solid Hit వస్తుందో,రాదో అనే అనుమానంతో ఉన్నఅందరికీ ‘ మిర్చి ‘ పెద్ద షాకే ఇచ్చింది.కథ పరంగా చెప్పుకుంటే పక్కా మాస్ సినిమాలాగానే అనిపిస్తుంది కానీ screen మీద దానికి family emotions ని కలిపి క్లాస్ టచ్ తో కొత్తగా present చేసారు.డార్లింగ్,Mr.పర్ఫెక్ట్ లో ఉండే soft character కి వర్షం,ఛత్రపతి లాంటి  సినిమాల్లో ఉండే షేడ్స్ ని కలిపి ప్రభాస్ ని Perfect గా వాడుకోవడం ఈ సినిమాకి Main హైలైట్. ప్రభాస్  Ferociousga కత్తి పట్టుకుని పంచె కట్టేప్పుడు whistles వేసాం,అలానే controlled emotions తో  డైలాగ్స్ చెప్తున్నప్పుదూ Enjoy చేసాం.Onscreen ప్రభాస్ one man show అని చెప్పొచ్చు. అలాంటి  Commercial story ని  over the top కాకుండా ఇప్పటి trend కి తగ్గట్టు Subtle గా  deal చేస్తూ  Family emotions ని కుడా రాబట్టిన Writer/Director కొరటాల శివ  ‘ మిర్చి ‘ కి  Offscreen హీరో. Box-Office పరంగా కుడా భారీ విజయాన్నిచూసిన ‘ మిర్చి ‘ మన Best List lo No.4.
3.గుండె జారి గల్లంతయ్యిందే ( Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde)
This years Surprise Blockbuster.రొమాంటిక్ కామెడీ అనేవి మన దగ్గిర చాలా తక్కువ.’అలా..మొదలైంది’,’ఇష్క్’ లాంటివి ఒకటీ అరా వచ్చినా,అవి A Centers మహా ఐతే కొన్ని B Centers వరకు మాత్రమే పరిమితం అయిపోయేవి.కాని ఇది మాత్రం అన్ని centers audienceకీ కనెక్ట్ అవడమే కాకుండా కలెక్షన్స్ పరంగా కూడా కుమ్మేసింది.Script,Content బాగుంటే చిన్న,పెద్ద అనే తేడా రిలీజ్ లోనే కానీ రన్నింగ్ లో కాదు అనే విషయాన్ని Prove చేసిన సినిమా ఇది.Confusion తో కామెడీ రాబట్టటం అనే కాన్సెప్ట్ తో చాలానే వచ్చినా అవి out n out కామెడీ సినిమాలుగానే ఉంటాయ్.ఒక లవ్ స్టొరీ కి అలాంటి కామెడీని జత చేసి ఇలా డీల్ చేయడం అనేది మన  దగ్గిర దాదాపు లేదనే చెప్పొచ్చు.తనకి బాగా సరిపోయే characterలో నితిన్,ఇలాంటి charactersని  బాగా చేసేయగల నిత్య,అనూప్ Songs,విజయకుమార్ Story / Direction, Harshavardhan పక్కా Screenplay / Dilogues,Comedy…ఇవన్నీకలిపి “గుండె జారి గల్లంతయ్యిందే” ని No 3 lo ఉండేలా చేసాయ్.
2. అత్తారింటికి దారేది (Attarintiki Daredi) 
ఈ సంవత్సరంలో వచ్చిన Most Popular Film.ఒక సినిమాకి ఎన్నిసమస్యలు ఉంటాయో అన్నింటినీ   Face చేసిన సినిమా ఇదే అయ్యుంటుంది.అసలు సినిమా రిలీజ్ అవడమే గొప్ప అనుకుంటే,రిలీజ్  అయ్యి ఏకంగా Industry Hit అవడం అంటే,అధ్బుతం కూడా అబ్బుర పడే విజయం ఇది.రిలీజ్ కి   ముందే దాదాపుగా చచ్చిపోయిన సినిమా Theatres వరకు రావడానికి ‘Pawan Kalyan’ అనే పేరు  ఉపయోగపడితే,కలెక్షన్స్ లో అది ‘మగధీర’ లాంటి ఎవరెస్ట్ ని దాటి Industry Hit గా నిలబడటానికి  హీరో ఇమేజ్ తో పాటు అందులో ఉన్న content కూడా ప్రధాన కారణం అయ్యింది.ఒక స్టార్ హీరో ని  పెట్టుకుని Lady Character (అత్త) చుట్టూ కథని అల్లుకోవడమే ఇప్పట్లో ఒక సాహసం అయితే,మాస్ అంశాలు కూడా అంతగా లేని ఒక Soft Family సినిమా  Industry Hit అవుతుందని ఎవరూ ఊహించుండరు.అలాంటిది A to Z అన్ని సెంటర్స్ లో  దుమ్ము దులిపిందంటే అది కేవలం  పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ,త్రివిక్రమ్ ,దేవి శ్రీ ప్రసాద్  కలిసి చేసిన మేజిక్.Pre-Release పైరసీ నుండి Industry Hit వైపుకి  దారి  చూపించిన పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ – త్రివిక్రమ్ ల ” అత్తారింటికి దారేది ” మన Best of 2013 lo No.2.
Finally,Here comes The BEST Telugu Film in 2013.
1.సీతమ్మ వాకిట్లో సిరిమల్లెచెట్టు (Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu) 
సినిమా  వెరీ బిగినింగ్ లో  ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ ఇంట్రడక్షన్ సీన్ ఉంటుంది – ఆయన తెలవారుతుండగా పొలం  నుండి నడుచుకుంటూ వస్తుంటారు.దారిలో తనకి తెలిసిన వాళ్ళని,తనని పలకరించే వాళ్ళని అందరినీ నవ్వుతూ పలకరిస్తూ వెళ్తుంటారు. తనని చూసి కూడా మొహం పక్కకి తిప్పుకుని వెళ్ళే వాళ్ళని కూడా ఆయనే పిలిచి అదే చిరునవ్వుతో పలకరిస్తారు.ఆ దారిలో తను చేయగల సాయం చేస్తూ వెళ్ళిపోతుంటారు. – సినిమా లో ఏమి చెప్పాలనుకున్నారో ఇక్కడే అర్ధం అవుతుంది మనకి – ఆనందం అంటే  జీవితంలో ఎదురైన అందరితో అనవసరమైన పట్టింపులకి తావివ్వకుండా నవ్వుతూ చేయగల సాయం చేస్తూ వెళ్ళిపోడమే అని.’సీతమ్మ వాకిట్లో సిరిమల్లెచెట్టు’ ద్వారా శ్రీకాంత్ అడ్డాల చెప్పాలనుకుంది కూడా ఇదే.
వెంకటేష్-మహేష్ అన్నదమ్ములుగా శ్రీకాంత్ అడ్డాల డైరెక్టర్ గా ‘దిల్’ రాజు ఈ సినిమాని మొదలు పెడుతున్నారు అని ప్రకటన వచ్చిన వెంటనే ఈ సినిమా ‘Most Anticipated Film Of The Year’ అయిపొయింది.అంత హైప్ మధ్య వచ్చిన ఈ సినిమాకి 1st Day వచ్చిన టాక్ చూసి Avg-Abv Avg అవుతుందని అనుకున్నారు.కాని,3rd Day నుండి కుటుంబ ప్రేక్షకుల ఆదరణతో బలపడి సంక్రాంతి విన్నర్ గా నిలిచింది.ఫ్యామిలీ సబ్జెక్ట్ ఏ అయినా కమర్షియల్ సినిమాల్లో ఉండే ఎక్కువ మెలోడ్రామా లేకుండా ఉండడం,అంత పెద్ద స్టార్స్ ని పెట్టుకుని కూడా ఎక్కడా  Cinematic Liberties తీసుకోకుండా కుటుంబంలోని సభ్యుల మధ్య ఉండే సంబంధాలని,భావోద్వేగాల్ని వాస్తవానికి దగ్గిరగా చూపించడం….లాంటివి ఈ సినిమాని ‘Simple but Beautiful’ అనిపించేలా చేసాయి.
కెరీర్ పీక్ లో ఉన్నఈ టైంలో హీరోయిజం,ఫాన్స్ ని దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకోకుండా సగటు మధ్య తరగతి కుటుంబంలోని చిన్నకొడుకులా మహేష్,తనకి ఉన్న ‘Super Good Family Man’ లాంటి ఇమేజ్ ని  పక్కనపెట్టి  ‘మంచోడే  కాని  కాస్త  మొండోదు’ అనిపించే పెద్ద కొడుకుగా వెంకటేష్…ఇద్దరూ అన్నదమ్ములుగా వీళ్ళిద్దరి మధ్య ఉండే సన్నివేశాలను బాగా పండించారు.ఇక దర్శకుడు శ్రీకాంత్ అడ్డాల అనవసరపు హంగులకి పోకుండా తను చెప్పాలనుకున్న దానిని ఎక్కడా పక్కకి పోనివ్వకుండా కుటుంబ సంబంధాలు ఇలానే ఉంటాయి అన్నంత సహజంగా చూపిస్తూ చివరి వరకూ అందంగా నడిపారు.ఇలా ఏది చూసుకున్నా ఇప్పటి కమర్షియల్ సినిమాలకి సంబంధించిన ఏ ఒక్క ఫార్ములానీ ఫాలో అవకుండా చాలా  నిజాయితీతో తీసిన సినిమా ‘సీతమ్మ వాకిట్లో సిరిమల్లె చెట్టు’.అందుకే ఇది Best 0f 2013 లో టాప్ 1.
SVSC కంటే చాలా పెద్ద హిట్ అయిన AD 2nd ఉండడం ఏంటి ?? అంటే  – Commercial elements.Regular commercial సినిమాలతో పోలిస్తే ADలో కూడా ఇవి చాలా తక్కువే  అయినప్పటికీ,SVSCలో అసలు వాటి జోలికే పోలేదు అన్నది గమనించాలి.
ఇవే కాక ఇంకొన్నిచిన్నసినిమాలు కూడా content పరంగా కొత్తగా try చేసి  మెప్పించడమే కాకుండా  commercial గా కూడా పెద్ద విజయం సాధించాయి.ఆ list లో వెంకటాద్రి ఎక్స్ ప్రెస్, ప్రేమ కథా చిత్రం ,ఉయ్యాల జంపాల లాంటివి ముందు ఉంటాయి.రెగ్యులర్ ఫార్మాట్ లో ఉన్నాEntertain చేసిన list లో  బాద్షా ,నాయక్,బలుపు ఉంటాయి.2013 లో కమర్షియల్ ఫార్ములా ని నమ్మి తీసినవాటి కంటే Concept wise కొత్తగా వెళ్ళిన వాటికే సక్సెస్ రేట్ ఎక్కువగా ఉండడం అనేది ప్రొడ్యూసర్స్ కి మాత్రమె కాకుండా Audience కి కూడా మంచి పరిణామం !! 


Our Top 10 Movies of 2013

This list is based on the DVD releases and theatrical releases in India. Here we go…

10. The Conjuring.


Never a horror movie fan, but i had a ball watching The Conjuring. This movies scares the living crap out of you. Director smartly used multiple ghosts in the story and then blending the “hide and clap” in the screenplay was the masterstroke. Movie was supported well by its strong cast, especially the super awesome Vera Farmiga. James Wan is the horror master. As much as we are excited for his next Fast & Furious movie, we also want him to get back to horror ASAP.

9. The World’s End. 


This third and final film in the Edgar Wright Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy is just as much fun as it’s predecessors or may be more. Personally, my favourite amongst the three. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were absolutely fantastic and that crackling chemistry between them gave movie the extra punch. The first action episode, that happens in the bar’s restroom is easily one of the best scenes this this year. Edgar’s The World’s End is funny and heartfelt in equal measures.

P.S: All you beer lovers out there, you really don’t want to miss this one.

8. Despicable Me 2


Minions FTW. This charming sequel has more fun, more jokes, more minions than the original and some eye-popping visuals. Surprising 3D worked on many levels. Movie also had one of the best end credits ever. And isn’t it awesome when movie you loved made loads of money at box-office ? Despicable Me 2 made a mind-boggling $920 Million. 2nd Highest Grosser of 2013.

7.Iron Man 3


Marvel is moving strength to strength. Iron Man 3 was unlimited fun. A perfect Blockbuster with tons of Blockbuster moments, Flight scene being the best. Ben Kingsley was a sweet surprise. What a way to end the trilogy. Robert Downey Jr. has set the benchmark that no one can ever reach. He is the ONLY iron Man. He is the ONLY Tony Stark. No one should ever dare to touch that role except him. Iron Man 3 is only movie to cross the magical $1 Billion mark in 2013.

6. Prisoners. 


I was little late, but then i finally watched Incendies earlier this year and my mind was blown into bits and pieces. From then i was dying to watch Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners. Prisoners was moody, long, involving and it slowly moved forward by establishing the characters, their pain, pressure and ends with a twist that you won’t see coming. Can a suspense thriller get any better ? Movie was supported well by its terrific cast, Especially Jake Gyllenhaal. He totally nailed it during the climax.

5. Pacific Rim. 


Del Toro’s first mainstream blockbuster Pacific Rim is an absolute guilty pleasure. Movie helps you to maintain the big fat grin on your face all along the movie. I mean, who doesn’t love huge robot dragging a ship in the streets of HongKong and then whooping a giant monster with it ? Movie had some amazing background score. Was bit disappointed with it’s opening in U.S but very happy that it made gloriously well at international markets. Mr. Del Toto, Please make that sequal. We are waiting !

4. Rush


This true tale of rivalry has become my instant all time favourite. I mean, I was totally gone crazy by the time i walked out of the theater. Ron Howard does just does what he is great at, telling a good story with straightforward screenplay and amazing characters. This movie has some has fantastic moments coming in at regular intervals and then the final Japan grand Prix at climax will knock you out. Hans Zimmer’s mindblowing score made those brilliantly shot races even more special. Both our leads Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth lived in their roles of Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Gave Performances of their life time. Movie continuously challenges you, I mean, you just don’t know who to support. But, I had my clarity, James Hunt is my new role model.

3. Before Midnight


Another trilogy comes to an end here… which loved, enjoyed and cared from past 18 years. Unlike Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Before Midnight plays it bit more seriously, dealing with post marriage problems. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy wrote the screenplay and just lived in their roles. You never see those actors there, you just see characters. Just like previous two films, the conversations between our leads are kept so real and honest that you just don’t want to miss even a word. Richard Linklater’s direction is absolutely spot on. Before Trilogy goes down as one of the greatest trilogies ever made.

2. The Spectacular Now 


Got glowing reviews, Got an entry into Sundance, but Frankly, I started to watch this film for only for Shailene Woodley. After 20 mins. into the movies i was just so lost in it. No Shailene no reviews no Sundance no nothing. It was just about those characters and subplots. The Spectacular Now is a small little firecracker that will surprise you in every possible way. A Teen movie of this standard, this real, this deep is just so rare. The director handled the movies so delicately and with so much care. The scene between the hero and his mom that comes at the pre-climax just moves you so much. This movie is just a PERFECT Coming-of-age movie. Watch it. Relish it. Preserve it.

1. Gravity 


And finally here we are. Our movie of the year. One of the greatest movies EVER made. Alfonso Cuarón’s utter Masterpiece GRAVITY. It takes your breath away.

After watching this movie…. sorry, experiencing this movie, you will know what movies are all about. what film making is all about. what theaters are all about. Why IMAX was invented. How to Make use of 3D. This movie is just like an encyclopedia.

From that marvelous single shot opening scene to end credits. Groundbreaking Special effects. Legendary Cinematography. Killer score. Every scene. Every bit. Every second. It’s like you are witnessing a Modern age Classic.

Sandra Bullock just knocked it out of the park. From her screaming to barking. From watching the fire fly to making her tears fly. She will just own you.

Alfonso Cuarón, Thank you for giving us Gravity. Take a bow Sir !!

That is with our top 10. But, there are some other Great films that didn’t make into the list… Captain Phillips, World War Z, Monsters University, Thor 2, Fruitvale Station, 42, Frozen, Don Jon, Warm Bodies and This is the End.