Movie Review : The wolf of wall street

Wolf of wall street is so outrageous that you’ll have to constantly remind yourself that this movie is not fictional and actually happened about 30 years ago ! This movie is based on the book by Jordan Belfort but don’t waste your time trying to read it, just go ahead and watch the movie.

It’s baffling how a book filled with graphic descriptions of drugs and sex could inspire a ripe , reputed 71 year old director to make a movie about it but that only lasts about a moment in your mind’s hindsight cos you’re way too busy enjoying Di Caprio’s drug induced adventures and by the end of it you’re actually thanking Marty for making it ! Scorsese is the real Benjamin Button, getting younger with every movie.

Di Caprio looks like he thoroughly enjoys playing the character of Jordan Belfort which is basically a mashup of the Charlie Sheen’s characters in “Wall Street” and “Two and a half men”  and does it very convincingly. (No, no, don’t jump on oscar conclusions just yet). He plays the charismatic leader of the firm Stratton Oakmont who along with Jonah Hill as Donny Azoff teach a few old friends and kids just out of school and college to become the hottest brokers in wall street all by following a simple script he’s created. The Strattonites start making loads of money and come up with crazy ways to spend it when not blowing it on drugs or hookers. The business is all legit till Belfort starts getting greedy and starts manipulating the stock market to suit his best interests(which is of course a crime) and is pursued by an FBI agent who eventually hunts down the wolf.

Some of you may wonder if you’d understand all the business terms that normally comes with these movies without a MBA ??? No need to worry about that, just when you’re about to groan when there is an explanation to the business side of things, Di Caprio breaks the fourth dimension and cuts straight through the bullshit and tells you the conclusion. Amidst all the the craziness, Scorsese did fail in establishing the human side of the protagonist as Belfront did in the book or probably didn’t feel the need to defend a greedy, fraudulent, drug addict who cheats on his wife.

The Di Caprio – Scorsese combo overshadows the performances of all the other brilliant actors. One particular ten minute scene of the movie will leave you so breathless from laughing that the censor board should put a sign during it reminding the audience to breathe.(I’m trying really hard not to give it away, thank me later) Jonah Hill plays the trusty equally crazy partner who at one point swallows a goldfish to show his ruthlessness. And a pinch of Matthew McConaughey and Jean Dujardin in the movie adds the tiny little flavours that you can’t quite identify but makes it better.

The movie is filled with drugs , sex and money swindling and I find it rather weird that they decided to release it for christmas. What were they thinking ???  The movie is repulsive – yes, but it doesn’t dawn on you during the entire length of the movie or maybe even a few hours after cos you’re unknowingly indulging in it. Its highly recommended not to watch this movie with your parents but if you do please fill us in on how the experience was in the comments section.

OUT RATING : 4.5/5

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