Movie Review : Ghost rider : spirit of vengeance

Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance was a typical Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine movie with fast and pacy action sequences and no nonsense drama. Simple plot , lots of destruction and kickass background score is how I like my action movies and that is exactly what Taylor and Neveldine delivered with this movie. This movie changes the perception of the boring useless ghost rider of the first movie by making this one a pure masala flick with the rider seeming a lot more cooler and powerful. Just in case you’re disappointed that the rider doesn’t have the fancy custom chopper from the first part – he has a V-Max in this one and also manages to turn (hold on for this) a truck and huge mining bulldozer kinda machine as his rides. Imagine these machines on fire being used for destruction !!!

Performance wise this movie falls flat. Nicholas Cage’s age looks very obvious and performance is just too dull ! Cage trying to control the rider looks like he is constipated. Sometimes you actually wish there was more drama in the movie. The kid , Danny(Fergus Riordan) , being the center of the plot wasn’t a very lively or memorable character. Idris Elba plays a French biker priest acceptable as Cage’s sidekick but he misses out on all the important parts. Johnny Whitworth plays a decent baddie with a 70’s hairstyle till he dies and gets resurrected. There was absolutely no emotional connection between any of the characters or maybe they weren’t convincing enough.

Though the movie ranks low on drama and plots the action will blow you away. Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine may have no idea how to manipulate your emotions but these guys can squeeze the last drop of adrenaline out of you. Overall you can watch the movie purely for its action and the facelift the rider gets. One time watch unless you are an action movie buff.



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